Is Maple Water Better Than Plain Water For Hydration?

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses the latest research comparing maple water to plain water and if it is better at rehydrating athletes.

Do Any Beverages Hydrate Better Than Plain Water?

Ever wonder if beverages that claim to rehydrate you better than plain old water actually work?

  • First, there was coconut water that made this claim but no research demonstrates it hydrates better than plain H20.
  • Then we had alkalized water. Again no proof demonstrating it being better than water.
  • Now we have maple water and the good news for us is there is a study on it
  • Researchers took 26 subjects and put them through a dehydration protocol that resulted in a 2% reduction in body weight
  • Then they had subjects rehydrate with maple water or plain water with maple flavoring
  • After crunching the data they found no significant differences in measures of rehydration like urine specific gravity, urine volume, urine osmolality, or urine color
  • Take home point? As Adam Sandler said in The Water Boy….if you think anything hydrates better than plain water there is something wrong with your medulla oblongata
  • Link to full study here