Miami Marathon - Endurelite Fueling Fast 2023 Tour

Check Out The First Stop Of Our Fueling Fast 2023 Tour !

Miami Famous!

We are excited to say we just completed our first stop on our Endurelite Fueling Fast 2023 Tour. The event was a huge success, with almost 40,000 people attending the marathon expo, and 19,000 runners taking on the Miami heat.

We set up a vibrant and interactive booth within the Miami Marathon expo, offering runners and spectators a fun and informative experience. At the booth we handed out more than 2,800 samples of our brand-new Perform Elite, Hydrate Elite, and Recover supplements. The response from runners and spectators was overwhelmingly positive, with many people discovering the real benefits of our supplements for the first time.

Along with some delicious samples, our visitors were able to create their own signs to show their support and love for all of the runners. Our booth was a place of laughter and camaraderie, where people were able to connect over their love of the endurance lifestyle.

The Miami Marathon was a great opportunity for us to connect with all of our fans, both old and new. Brand manager, Sheila Barden, had a chance to talk with many of the racers about their training, their goals, and of course, how important it is to properly prepare, fuel and recover.

Our first stop on the Fueling Fast 2023 Tour was a resounding success, with thousands of runners and spectators experiencing our company's commitment to providing the best in endurance nutrition. With our delicious supplements backed by science, we are poised for continued success as we make our way across the country.

We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you on our Endurelite Fueling Fast 2023 Tour!