What's The Best Protein Powder For Athletes?

What is the best protein for athletes? EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses why WheyElite is the purest, cleanest, and best tasting protein powder for runners, cyclists, OCR, and other endurance athletes.

Why WheyElite Is The Best Protein Powder For Runners, Cyclists, OCR, And Other Endurance Athletes

  • WheyElite contains 25 grams of protein from whey protein isolate. This form of whey is 90% pure protein.
  • WheyElite contains natural sweeteners like monk fruit and stevia.
  • WheyElite uses only natural vanilla and chocolate flavors.
  • WheyElite contains no gums, thickening agents, or other un-needed ingredients.
  • WheyElite is meant to help you fulfill your daily protein requirements in the event you cannot get enough from your whole food diet.

Full Video Transcription:

The Best Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Good morning, Family of Fast. Today we are going to talk about one of the newest products in the EndurElite lineup, WheyElite, our hundred percent whey isolate protein powder. Now, with WheyElite, we didn't set out to reinvent the protein wheel by adding a lot of extra ingredients to it.

Our goal with WheyElite was to make the cleanest, purest, best tasting protein on the planet. And to that extent, I think we have accomplished that goal. So what we're going to do here real quickly is discuss some of the product highlights and tell you the best way to use WheyElite, no pun intended.

Whey Isolate Is 90% Pure Protein

So WheyElite is 100% whey protein isolate. An isolate has to be at least 90% pure protein. So this makes it one of the highest quality forms of protein out there. Beyond that it contains 25 grams of this whey isolate or the amount needed to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis or the process of muscle repair and recovery.

Whey Elite Is Naturally Flavored & Sweetened

Now, because we wanted to make it the cleanest protein on the planet, we only used natural sweeteners and flavors like monk fruit, and stevia, and natural chocolate and vanilla flavors. Other than that there's really nothing else to WheyElite. It is again, a high quality, clean, great tasting protein.

What's The Best Way To Use WheyElite Isolate Protein Powder?

Now, what is the best way to use WheyElite? WheyElite is not meant to replace the protein you're getting through a whole food diet. It is meant to supplement the protein in your diet, in the event that you have a higher protein requirement that you're having a harder time or a hard time meeting through a whole food diet.

So as endurance athletes, we want to eat about 1.4 to 1.6 grams per kilogram body weight to optimally recover. And if you're like me, sometimes you have a really hard time meeting that protein requirement through, you know, eating chicken, fish, steak or other sources of protein. So that's where WheyElite really comes in handy. Add a scoop to a glass of milk, drink it up, and you're getting about 32 grams of protein to help you fulfill those protein requirements.

How Is WheyElite Different From RecoverElite?

Now, another question we're going to get about WheyElite is how is it different from RecoverElite? Well, WheyElite, again is just a standalone protein powder. That's it. Just straight protein. While RecoverElite does have protein and then it also has carbs and other recovery agents.

So the best way again to use WheyElite is you can take it anytime a day to fulfill your protein requirements or you can take a post-workout if you want. But ideally, you would want to take RecoverElite immediately post-workout to get that protein and carbs and then use the WheyElite to fulfill your protein requirements throughout the rest of the day or right before you go to bed. So that in a nutshell is WheyElite. Again, the cleanest, purest, best tasting protein on the planet.