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Carbo Max Maltodextrin

Carbo Max Maltodextrin

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CarboMax, a superior energy supplement for athletes, features LCPF-50 maltodextrin for lasting energy and muscle support. Ideal for pre and post-workout, it offers efficient digestion and steady performance without the negatives of simple sugars. Learn More

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Carbo Max Maltodextrin
Regular price $31.99
Regular price Sale price $31.99

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Carbo Max - Ultimate Energy Supplement for Performance

NutraBio Carbo Max is a premium energy supplement, perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking consistent and long-lasting fuel. Carbo Max is not just any carbohydrate source; it's a specially formulated blend made from LCPF-50 (long-chain polymetric fraction) maltodextrin, ensuring quick yet sustained energy release.


  • Sustained Muscle Endurance and Mass: Carbo Max is engineered to increase muscle endurance and mass, without the complications of simple sugars.
  • Rapid and Continuous Energy: Provides quick, reliable energy with a controlled, time-released continuous source, ensuring you stay energized throughout your workouts.
  • Digestion and Absorption Efficiency: Utilizes the most effective carbohydrate forms for efficient energy absorption.
  • Clean and Light Feeling: Avoids the sluggishness often associated with other energy drinks, keeping you light and energized.

Unlike standard low-polymerization maltodextrins, Carbo Max’s specialized formula ensures it's more than just a complex carbohydrate. It's a scientifically backed energy source designed specifically for the high demands of athletic performance.

Elevate your energy, endurance, and muscle mass with NutraBio Carbo Max - your ultimate partner in performance and recovery.

Glucose Polymerization: DP (degree of polymerization) measures the number of glucose units joined in each molecule.

  • DP-1 (monosaccharides) 0.8%
  • DP-2 (disaccharides) 2.9%
  • DP-3 (trisaccharides) 4.4%
  • DP-4 (tetrasaccharides) 3.8%
  • DP-5 (pentasaccharides) 3.4%
  • DP-6 (hexasaccharides) 5.7%
  • DP-7 (heptasaccharides) 6.8%
  • DP-8 (octasaccharides) 4.5%
  • DP-9 (nonasaccharides) 3.1%
  • DP-10 (decasaccharides) 2.5%
  • DP-11+ 62.1%
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