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NutraBio L-Glutamine is vegetable based, naturally fermented pharmaceutical 100% L-Glutamine manufactured right here in the United States! We do not sell glutamine that is synthetic or made from human hair like much of the cheaper glutamine on the market. This is pure, free form 100% L-Glutamine with absolutely no additives, fillers or excipients! Glutamine Sale For a limited time, 10% OFF Glutamine wholesale prices. To stock up and save on this exclusive deal, please email: wholesale@nutrabio.com or call 732-748-8606 ext 110

Benefits of NutraBio Glutamine:

  • Increases protein synthesis and growth hormone secretion.
  • Promotes nitrogen retention and muscle cell volumizing.
  • Speeds recovery after workouts.
  • Optimize glucose and insulin function.
  • Helps prevent muscle breakdown.
  • Improves immune system function.
glutaminesupp facts glutamine pure Learn more about NutraBio Glutamine and it's benefits. For wholesale information, please email: wholesale@nutrabio.com