2.5 LBs Can Change Your Life

When you first started lifting weights, you probably looked at everyone around you and thought they were competing for the World’s Strongest Man competition. Everyone looked muscular, ripped, and had the physique you’d always envisioned having for yourself. You look in the gym mirror at a frail and skinny physique, wondering if you’ll ever be happy with what you see. Yet, if you utilized a 2.5lb weight plate principle, you’d get there faster than you’d imagine.

What am I getting at?

In this article, not only do I want to share with you how a 2.5lb weight plate principle can completely transform your physique (no, this isn’t clickbait) but how you can apply that same method in everything you do in life.

How Can a 2.5lb Weight Plate Change Your Physique?

Building muscle is not a difficult concept, yet many people tend to overcomplicate things. They think they need to stack on the weight and run before they can even walk. This is a terrible plan and can get you caught up in “snap, crackle, and pop” tragedy that gets far too many people injured and frustrated.

If you can barely move 135 pounds on the bench, what would make you think pushing 225 would be a good idea? You’re moving too fast. Slow things down. Moving up to 225 is a sure way to injure yourself and cause setbacks to your progress and physique. At the moment, your muscles and tendons aren’t ready for such a load. You need to work your way up. That’s where a 2.5lb weight plate comes into play.

Each week, your goal should be to overload the muscle. That can be by performing more reps, more sets, decreasing your rest time, or increasing the weight – such as by tossing a 2.5lb weight plate on each side of the bar.

Continually pushing your body in ways that it’s not accustomed to being pushed is the overload principle, and it’s how you can see real changes to your physique. The key is to be consistent and to stop merely going through the motions doing the same workouts week in and week out, expecting to see changes.

Take the bench mentioned earlier as an example. This week you bench 135. Next week, you bench 140. The week after that, you try for 145. Now, you may not be able to push as many reps each time you increase the weight. That’s fine. Don’t get frustrated. Just keep pushing each and every time you walk into the gym. If you stay at a certain weight for two weeks in a row, that’s fine. Just try to push out a few more reps the second go-around.

Over time, you’ll see your weights go up dramatically, and you’ll start seeing noticeable changes to your physique.

Now, I mentioned in the title how this 2.5lb weight plate principle I came up with can apply to everything in your life. Let me explain.

Leveraging a 2.5lb Weight Plate in Your Life

In the workout example provided in the previous section, I mentioned how you can improve your strength and muscle growth by using something as simple as a 2.5lb weight plate. While you’re not going to carry around a 2.5lb weight plate everywhere you go, it’s that very mentality that you should make sure you never leave your house without.

If you want to succeed in life, you can’t be lazy and complacent. You need to strive for personal growth in everything that you do – relationships, business, etc.

How can you apply this 2.5lb principle? It’s easy. Constantly look for small increments and improvements in your growth. If you want to improve your relationships, you need to put in the effort. Find ways to grow your relationship by making more time for the people in your life, working on growing with them, and finding what’s holding all parties back, and slowly but surely work on fixing any issues.

When it comes to business, look at why your sales, production, and productivity are stagnant. Cutting out the fat that is unnecessary during your day can help fix all of these issues. If you scroll for hours on social media, that could be time you could have invested into improving your skillsets. That’s time you could have spent reading a book or getting ahead on projects for work. If you own a business, that’s time you could be looking at how you can create and implement new strategies and procedures to grow your business and simplify your processes.

It doesn’t matter what part of your life you want to implement this 2.5lb weight plate principle to, but the process will always remain the same – slowly work on incremental changes that will create significant changes in the future.

Whether you’re talking about fitness or your life, one thing remains consistent – you need to play the long game. Very seldom does cutting corners lead to lasting results. Eventually, you’ll push too hard too fast, and that’s when setbacks and failure take place. And more times than not, when you hit a point where you’re stuck, plateaued, or fail, you may wind up giving up. With the 2.5lb weight plate principle, it allows for a slow and deliberate change in whatever aspect it’s being applied to.

Just like you won’t go from a skinny physique to Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, you also won’t go from a bad relationship to a perfect marriage or a startup business to a Fortune 500 company overnight.

Slow and steady wins the race. Most people aren’t patient. This is where consistency and perseverance come into play. If you can see your goal on a timeline as a long race, keep pacing yourself and looking for small victories, you’ll be just fine. It’s when you see the checkered flag in view without realizing that the finish line is still five miles down the road. Don’t gas out before you even hit the one-mile mark. Pace yourself. Constantly add that 2.5lb weight plate and keep pushing. Eventually, you’ll get to where you want to be in life.

Focus on Improvement

Taking all of the above into consideration, there’s one thing you need in order to make all of it a reality – FOCUS. If you go through your day having “Look! Squirrel!” moments, you’re going to get distracted, and it’s going to crush your productivity and how much you’re able to accomplish.

If this resonates with you and you have your hand raised, you should consider trying a nootropic supplement. Nootropics can help you get dialed in and boost brain function. NutraBio Alpha GPC could be precisely what you need to maximize your productivity and attack the day.

With the ability to enhance productivity, energy, focus, memory, and mental acuity, you may find you have not only better workouts by heightening your mind-muscle connection and feeling each rep, but you’ll also have better performance in the classroom or office.

The combination of the 2.5lb weight plate principle with a product that allows you to unlock untapped mental performance could be your ticket to crossing off the goals you have set for yourself in all aspects of your life.