7 Reasons to Focus on a Muscle Pump & Hydration When Training

Unfortunately, some people think going to the gym is only about picking things up and putting them down. These are the same people who either don’t train or go to the gym but never see results. The fact of the matter is that there are many things involved with seeing results from your training. Two factors that are somewhat forgotten by many are the reasoning for a muscle pump and hydration.

Sure, you can achieve a muscle pump through specific training techniques, but there’s more you should consider. The combination of a muscle pump and hydration can drastically improve your overall results and may prevent you from spinning your wheels in the gym.

Here are seven reasons you need to put more focus into achieving a muscle pump while training and ensuring proper hydration.

Stretch the Fascia

How many times have you walked into the gym and told the nice lady at the front desk that you can’t wait to stretch out your fascia? Never? Maybe it’s just me? But it should be something you focus more on if you want to build muscle.

When you can achieve a skin-splitting muscle pump, you’re stretching out the layer of fascia that surrounds your muscles. You can think of fascia as taking plastic wrap you’d cover food with and wrapping it around your arms, legs, or whatever body part you’re training. That wrap holds everything tight and doesn’t truly allow for expansion or growth to take place. In order to help your muscles grow, you need to make room by stretching out the fascia.

By adding a pre-workout supplement that increases nitric oxide levels, you can increase blood flow to the muscles and engorge it with blood while training to help stretch out the fascia and help promote new muscle tissue growth and allow the muscle fibers to get thicker.

Cellular Swelling

You may assume that cellular swelling sounds like a bad thing, but I assure you, it’s good when you’re talking about building muscle. A muscle pump is essentially cellular swelling due to the fluid being pushed into muscle cells. This swelling tends to be more pronounced with fast-twitch fibers as those are the ones being activated when doing any type of heavy resistance training where hypertrophy is the goal.

Circling back to muscle growth as it relates to cellular swelling, when your muscle cells swell, it causes an increase in muscle protein synthesis. This is like flipping the light switch on and allowing electricity to create light in your room through the lightbulb. Protein synthesis caused by cellular swelling flips the switch to encourage and allow for muscle growth and recovery to take place. It also helps decrease protein breakdown within the muscle cells, helping preserve your hard-earned muscle.

Increase Blood Flow

Blood flow is key to achieving a muscle pump. If blood flow of constricted, the muscle will not be able to push oxygenated blood and nutrients to support performance into the working muscle while also removing waste (more on this in the next section).

It’s common to see vasodilation ingredients added into pre-workout supplements, and this is to help encourage improved blood flow to the working muscles to enhance the muscle pump. Proper hydration is also a pivotal aspect of blood flow as it helps replenish lost electrolytes that are vital for not only health and safety but things like sodium which also play a role in encouraging a muscle pump.

When blood flow is increased, oxygenated blood is more easily able to get to the working muscles and allows for improvements in performance and endurance. Exhaustion and fatigue are kept at bay when nutrients are able to easily make their way into the muscle as well as flushing out waste products associated with putting the muscles under stress. This leads us nicely to our next reason.

Flush Out Byproducts

The act of weight training causes waste byproducts when you put the muscle under stress and create muscle contraction and elongation. While this is a norm and happens each time you engage in resistance training, your ability to push yourself further than the previous workout is what promotes muscle growth and hypertrophy.

A muscle pump is brought on when there is vasodilation of the blood vessels. Those who utilize nitric oxide supplements in a pre-workout will tend to experience this event where the muscles become engorged with blood, and you get a skin-tightening sensation. On the other end of this spectrum are the waste byproducts produced during exercise that can diminish performance and your ability to train hard.

During a workout, waste byproducts such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other metabolites are formed. This directly plays a role in fatigue, exhaustion, and muscle soreness. By enhancing blood flow, as mentioned above, you can flush out these byproducts that are then excreted through the lungs, kidneys, or skin.

Maintain Performance Levels

When looking at many of the items listed above, they all play a vital role in one aspect of your training — performance. Your overall performance can either be optimized or detrimental depending on how the items above fall into place. Looking at a muscle pump and nitric oxide production, in order for you to build muscle, these items need to be enhanced. Adding a pre-workout supplement into your regimen that utilizes nitric oxide boosters is a great plan, but then you need to look at the hydration aspect as well to put yourself in a position to promote muscle growth.

Many fail to realize that their hydration level plays a vital role in their performance. When your fluid levels drop as little as 2%, you can see a decrease in performance by as much as 20%. That’s significant when you’re trying to push yourself through an intense training session only to have your performance levels plummet. If you’re a dedicated athlete, this is simply unacceptable.

Hydration needs to be a key focus during your training session not only to help promote a muscle pump and performance but also for health reasons. Becoming dehydrated can have severe consequences if hydration levels are not replenished.

Replenish Electrolytes

Piggybacking off of the previous section are electrolytes. If you want to achieve seam-splitting pumps, you need electrolytes like sodium to be present to help the muscle cells swell and become engorged with blood. Likewise, if you want performance levels to stay elevated during your training sessions, you need to replenish electrolytes and maintain proper hydration levels.

When you sweat during workouts, you are excreting nutrients that your body needs to function optimally. Simply sipping on water during your workout is not enough. You need to replenish electrolytes such as sodium. Not doing so will decrease your ability to build muscle, achieve a lasting muscle pump, and maintain performance.

Taking in electrolytes with your pre-workout is one way to help ensure your body is able to actively replenish electrolytes that are lost through things like sweat.

You Look Bigger Following Workouts

The last reason on our list is nothing scientific that takes place in the body other than the muscle pump that is caused by your training and the increase in hydration and nitric oxide. If you chase the pump in the gym, you feed off the feeling you get when you see the muscle pump in the mirror with your own eyes. That sensation where your muscles feel harder, and you see improved muscle fullness when you look in the mirror. While the feeling is temporary, it’s something that can put a smile on your face each time you pass by a mirror or look down to see muscle fullness and vascularity.

Looking bigger due to a muscle pump and proper hydration also helps you psychologically. It’s like getting a dump of endorphins and dopamine that simply makes you feel good, and you get a sense of accomplishment from your workout. And in the end, when you look good, you feel good.

How to Achieve a Mind-Blowing Muscle Pump While Supporting Hydration

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