NutraBio Athlete Spotlight - Brandon Smitley


Quick Stats:

Age: 27 Height: 5’1” – 156 cm
Weight: 132 lbs – 60 kg NutraBio
Athlete: 6 years

At 5’1 and 132lbs, he has taken the standard of strength sports to a whole other degree. Genetics are simply not an excuse for Brandon to take his powerlifting to the next level. Dedicated, eager, and determined are just a few qualities Brandon possesses and attributes to his successful career. Hard work combined with the application of scientifically backed training principals, nutrition protocols, and pure supplements can yield world-class results. His strength coaching represents the current state of fitness and is aware of the improper methodologies many follow. Much like how NutraBio stands out in an industry full of marketing schemes and mislabeling, Smitley Performance Systems stands alone, tried and true, in a community full of new unproven protocols.

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Fitness and a Master’s of Science degree from Indiana State University in Physical Education and Coaching, Brandon brings collegiate level wisdom into a sport where old-school mentalities still linger.

Having trained for powerlifting over the past six years and competed for the most recent 3, he’s already set a world record squat at 565lbs, benched 325, and deadlifted 510. This adds up to a daunting total of 1360lbs, the standard by which athletes in this sport are judged. Brandon was invited to train at the notorious Westside Barbell under strength legend Louie Simmons, but is currently sponsored by EliteFTS and is very involved writing articles for them.

Training Philosophy Brandon trains conjugate style, training twice per week on upper and lower days. One day is heavy and one day is light to help aid recovery. He stresses changing variations of lifts periodically so that the body is stimulated differently. Tracking and documenting these cycles is a very large focus of his, so that progress can be seen and measured. When asked, “Can you provide 3 tips to making your squat more confident” he replied with the following:
  1. “Squat to depth”- stay light if needed but squat to at least 90 degrees, or parallel.
  2. Learn to breathe and brace correctly. When squatting try pushing out your stomach rather than sucking in, this is a huge advantage.
  3. Learn how to externally rotate the hips. “Take your feet and twist the floor out.” Pushing your knees out the whole time is most important when squatting.
As with all movements, Brandon stressed that “movement based intensity and quality is the focus”. Training preventatively and aiming for perfect form is paramount in his training philosophy.

Quality Ingredients

Brandon Smitley is no stranger to the values of NutraBio. Back in 2010 he was eagerly in search of a new protein due to experiencing digestive issues with the brand he was currently taking. That is when he first discovered NutraBio’s whey protein isolate. To Brandon's amazement he no longer had signs of stomach and digestive discomfort after consuming NutraBio products, and he has been a loyal customer ever since then. Brandon became a NutraBio Athlete in 2010 and it has been an incredible honor to have such a humble and hardworking individual a part of the company. He attributes a lot of his performance and recovery to the quality ingredients included in his regiment created by NutraBio.

Brandon’s Daily Supplementation:

  • Whey Protein Isolate Pre and Post workout
  • Intra Blast intra-workout with 1-2 scoops of Super Carb (depending on size of muscle groups worked and intensity/volume)
  • Micellar Casein before bed
  • Extreme Joint Care
  • Fish Oil
Brandon will be competing at the world famous Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio on March 6th, 2016 in the powerlifting XPC Finals.