BioCrew Panama

NutraBio's 1st Ever International BioCrew Event & Seminar

NutraBio was hosted by Bodybuilding Latino in Panama City, Panama for our first ever International BioCrew event and Seminar. These events were lead by NutraBio's Elite Athlete IFBB Pro Erik Ramirez and the training was kicked off early Saturday morning on February 8th with the entire Bodybuilding Latino family and fans. Everyone worked out shoulders and arms together in a group while Erik critiqued form, gave workout tips, and pushed each fan to absolute failure. It was a blast as you can see in the pictures below!

After 3+ hours of training, we all took a break to rest up for the SOLD OUT Seminar hosting over 50 people where Eric told his personal story of how he laid it all on the line to become an IFBB Pro. We had an open forum to ask questions regarding elite nutrition, training, and how to incorporate NutraBio products into an elite supplementation program.

True story Erik revealed his top-secret protocol for SuperCarb to peak for shows!