Not All Multivitamins Are Created Equal – Here’s What You Need to Know


There is always a debate on whether or not you need to use supplements.  You have those on both sides standing firm with their stance and position.  Let’s just make one thing clear – you don’t need supplements.  The fact of the matter is that they are just that… supplements.  They are meant to supplement your sound nutrition plan.  Now, that being said, when it comes to micronutrients, it’s incredibly difficult to cover all of your bases through nutrition alone, and that’s where quality multivitamins come into play.

The food we consume contains both macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).  You would need to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and in relatively high volumes in order to take in all of the micronutrients your body needs on a daily basis.  This is nearly impossible, and there aren’t many Americans doing this successfully today.  Therefore, using supplements like multivitamins is incredibly important to help fill any gaps with our nutrients to help improve overall health and functioning.

Unfortunately, not all multivitamins are created equal.  To ensure you know what to look for in your search, this article will help unpack the topic and help you wrap your arms around what’s out there and what you should look for.


Basic vs. Advanced Multivitamins

When you think of basic multivitamins, these tend to be the ones you find at your local grocer and convenience stores.  While we won’t name drop brands, you’ve probably seen them and may actually be using them currently.  To be honest, many of the basic multivitamins out on the market have been shown to be underdosed and not meeting label claims, which damages consumer trust.  The unfortunate part is that most consumers don’t know the first thing about supplements or multivitamins and what’s actually a quality product and what’s not.

Advanced multivitamins take things a step further and have more science behind the formula.  Not only that, but most of the time, they are built around a specific demographic – active lifestyles, for example.  Their profiles are not fairy-dusted like basic multivitamins with everything, including the kitchen sink thrown in just to look good on paper but truly have no efficacious doses of anything in the product and generally hide behind proprietary blends.  Advanced multivitamins utilize high-quality ingredients in efficacious dosages and use transparent labels so consumers can stand behind the product and its formula rather than being left scratching their head on what’s actually in the multivitamin.

With all of that being said, the multivitamin you use may not be ideal for your friend and vice versa – it’s very personal and based on your individual needs.  If you are an active person and exercise regularly or engage in athletics, you are going to use up more vitamins and minerals due to the increased demand put on the body.  Therefore, to keep your mind and body functioning properly and performing optimally, you need a high-quality multivitamin supplement to help replenish what was used up and help fuel and protect your body.


Look for Chelated Minerals in Your Multivitamins

Sticking to the topic of not all multivitamins are created equal are the ingredients themselves.  If you were to look at each micronutrient out there, you would find not all of them are easily digested and absorbed by the body.  For that reason, chelated minerals have become the preferred source when it comes to multivitamins.

Chelated minerals are minerals that have been chemically attached to an amino acid or other compounds. The reasoning for utilizing a chelating agent to bond with minerals is to help boost absorption, so you get more out of your multivitamins.

Something else to look for in your multivitamins is the inclusion of patented BioPerine®.  BioPerine is a black pepper extract that has been found to help increase the absorption of what it is taken with – in the case of multivitamins, it would be the micronutrients present in the product.  The combination of chelated minerals along with BioPerine is optimal to maximize the potency of the micronutrients used in a formulation.  After all, the last thing you want to happen is for you to excrete the minerals the next time you use the restroom, right?  You work too hard to be flushing your money down the toilet – literally.


Consider a Multivitamin Formula That Includes Added Performance Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, basic multivitamins are sufficient for the sedentary individual, but the fact that you’re on this website and reading this article, we can safely assume you don’t sit on the couch all day long and are active and exercising regularly. 

You’re going to want to look for a multivitamin that contains some added performance benefits.  This can come in the form of mental performance, physical performance, joint health, additional antioxidants to protect the body and cells from free radicals, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and similar.

NutraBio has created the ultimate multivitamin with the launch of MultiSport.  The formula found in MultiSport was specifically designed to support the needs of athletic and active men.  The key ingredients used in this multivitamin supports athletic performance, healthy metabolism, and natural energy levels.  NutraBio MultiSport contains 33 vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients and is formulated using patented Albion®Certified Chelated Minerals (TRAACS®). 

MultiSport is a scientifically validated and clinically dosed performance multivitamin.  The completely transparent profile found in MultiSport provides you with peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body and in what dosages.  Whether you are an avid exerciser, professional athlete, or weekend warrior who stays active when he can, NutraBio MultiSport is your best option when looking for quality multivitamins.  It’s time to actually FEEL the difference in your multivitamin supplement while fueling your mind and body.