Solidifying our Commitment to our Brick & Mortar Clients

NutraBio remains committed to our brick and mortar clients. While some brands are shifting focus away from B&M, I want to promise you that my commitment to you is unwavering.

When COVID heated up back in March, I made a commitment with my team to support you through these rough times in every way possible. I foresaw the need for our immune products and took a major position in raw ingredients so we could ensure our brick & mortar customers had an uninterrupted supply. It was a major risk but I believed supporting you was worth it.

We prioritized your shipments, maintained our full B&M sales and support teams, added manufacturing shifts to maintain inventory, eliminated minimums and all shipping fees and assisted with credit. While some brands froze, we acted. We listened to your needs and invested into launching many of the new products you requested.

As we continue our commitment to our brick and mortar clients, I want to personally thank you for your support of NutraBio. If you need anything at all, please reach out to Dan Margolis, Mike Alfieri, our sales reps or me directly: anytime, anywhere and for any reason. We are here for you!

We not only appreciate your support, we are continuing to double down over the next few months with the addition of multiple products you have asked for. When the going gets tough we know it’s YOU the hard-working brick and mortar store owners that will not only survive but thrive!

Mark Glazier
CEO and Founder