Episode 2: COVID, Growth and Old-School Training | Shaun Clarida - Eye's on the Prize: Mr. Olympia 2020


Shaun Clarida lives for bodybuilding. To say it is his passion just doesn’t give it justice. Shaun does the hard stuff plain and simple. He doesn’t do it for trophies or glory, shit he certainly doesn’t do it for 3rd place. He does it to be the best in the world and that’s a fact. Shaun is coming off his biggest and best offseason ever, and is ready to take the 212lb Olympia Crown. This year it's not a goal, it's a fact already written in stone, Shaun Clarida is coming to win!

Episode 2: COVID, Growth & Old-School Training

In this episode, Shaun describes how the COVID-19 pandemic affected his 2020 Mr. Olympia prep. Like many, Shaun was discouraged when the pandemic began. Shortly after the national shutdown, Shaun received the news that the 2020 Mr. Olympia was pushed from its usual September date, to December. Despite this setback, Shaun remained determined to keep the momentum going on his quest for the Sandow; the winner of Mr. Olympia. Instead of dwelling on these changes when he was already 2+ weeks into his prep, Shaun took advantage of this opportunity to have the best offseason he possibly could. Like a true champion, Shaun never took his eyes off the prize and he made sure to find optimism in the worst of situations.

Underestimating the importance of a quality diet is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make in bodybuilding. During the pandemic-related shutdowns, Shaun did whatever it took to ensure he continued to not only train to his highest potential, but to maintain his diet to match his goals. Shaun recalls how food limitations affected him during these tough times, “I remember going to the food store, everyone was taking everything. I had to drive around everywhere to buy the food I needed.”

Get ready for Episode 3, where Shaun, back in present time, shares the least talk about secrets in bodybuilding.