Eyes on the Prize: Episode 3 – Training Heavy and Coaching Through Injuries


Shaun Clarida lives for bodybuilding. To say it is his passion just doesn’t give it justice. Shaun does the hard stuff plain and simple. He doesn’t do it for trophies or glory, shit he certainly doesn’t do it for 3rd place. He does it to be the best in the world and that’s a fact. Shaun is coming off his biggest and best offseason ever and is ready to take the 212LB Olympia Crown. This year it’s not a goal, it’s a fact already written in stone, Shaun Clarida is coming to win!

Episode 3: Training Heavy & Coaching Through Injuries

In this episode, Shaun Clarida is 8 weeks out from the return to the Mr. Olympia Stage and he's leaving no stones unturned. With the intensity of his training at an all-time high, and cruising through his diet, the most underrated part of bodybuilding, therapy, and recovery techniques, is where Shaun believes he beats his competition every time. These outside of the box therapy techniques prescribed and performed by Dr. Peter Cuviello PT, DPT Shaun's Physical Therapist give Shaun the advantage to fully recover, repair, and grow after each and every intense workout. When your goal is to be Mr. Olympia no workout is easy and proper recovery is paramount. You will not be able to train hard and heavy, day in and day out, especially during the toughest of weeks of prep without optimizing each and every part of your recovery program.

Shaun then checks in with his coaches. Some may think it’s all heavy lifting and eating but these gurus monitor every set, rep, and ounce of food that enters Shaun’s body. This isn’t Nascar but Shaun is a machine and to be the best in the world you need the right mechanics on your team. To hear what world-renowned bodybuilding coaches IFBB Pro John Meadows and Matt Jensen have to say you better tune in. Is Shaun on track? Hear it all in Episode 3 of Eyes on the Prize “Beyond the Weights: Coaching, Training, Recovery Techniques”!