Eyes on the Prize with IFBB Pro Shaun Clarida


Shaun "GK" Clarida, IFBB Pro, lives for bodybuilding. To say it is his passion just doesn’t do it justice. Shaun trains for 3+ hours a day, and he does cardio at 4AM. He does the hard stuff, plain and simple. He doesn’t do it for trophies or glory, he does it to be the best in the world, and that’s a fact.

Shaun traveled to Las Vegas to the 2019 Mr. Olympia for one reason, and one reason only. TO WIN. Although he took home an impressive 3rd place, it wasn't enough for him, it just made him hungrier and stronger.

We cannot wait till December 19th to unveil what he will have worked on for the last 473 days. Shaun has truly pushed the limits of human potential and past all his previous mental and physical barriers. The beast that Shaun has become, coming off his biggest and best off-season ever, is ready to take what’s his. This year it's not a goal, it's a fact already written in stone, Shaun Clarida is coming to win!

Who is Shaun Clarida?

Shaun Clarida, nicknamed “The Giant Killer”, is a professional bodybuilder in the 212lb division of the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB). He is one of NutraBio’s newest athletes after signing with the team back in early 2020. Since his first competition in 2005, Shaun has stepped on the bodybuilding stage over 49 times in various competitions around the world. Once he received his pro-card in 2012 at the NPC Nationals Show, he set his sights on becoming the best in the world. Shaun has since won 4 IFBB contests and competed in 5 Mr. Olympia 212 competitions, the “Super Bowl” of bodybuilding. After placing 3rd in 2019, he is ready to finish what he started and claim the title of 2020 212LBS Mr. Olympia!

Episode #1 goes live on Thursday 10-15 at 10am EST.