FDA’s recall of 859 supplement companies and what that means to you.

The recent bombshell news that the FDA recalled supplements from 859 brands is rocking the dietary supplement industry to its core. It all stems from one contract manufacturer, ABH Nature’s Health, that made products for all 859 brands. The FDA’s reason for closing this factory is because it distributed adulterated and misbranded dietary supplements. The scope of this recall is massive and includes products sold by 859 brands between January 2013 and December 2019.

It is a normal practice for supplements brands to contract out the manufacturing of their products to 3rd-party companies. It is estimated that less that one in a thousand brands actually manufacturers their own products. NutraBio is a rare breed, we manufacture the supplements that we sell. I learned the hard way back in the 1990’s that the only way I could have complete control over the quality of my supplements was to manufacture them myself. You are my customers, and absolutely no one will ever care more about you than I do.

NutraBio leads the industry in transparency, honesty, and integrity. Our manufacturing facility is designed from the ground up for quality, not for volume. We manufacture in small batches so your supplements are fresh. Our in-house lab tests every lot of raw ingredients; we then send it to an independent lab to verify that it meets our specifications. We test every single lot of our finished products using an independent lab, and we post those results online for you to see. My facility is cGMP compliant and has undergone 5 full FDA cGMP audits. We have never had a warning letter, fine or worse. Our last audit was this past April, it lasted 3 weeks and finished with NOT a single 483 Observance. Last year we spent 3 times more money on quality control than on marketing, which shows exactly what our priority is!

NutraBio is a small company by industry standards but our passion runs deep. My goal is not to be the largest, fastest-growing, or coolest brand; it’s simply to wake up every morning and make the best supplements I can so that you get the best results that you can. To the outside world that probably seems phony, but to people who know me, my customers, you know it to be true. When I look in the mirror each morning I’m proud of what I see, because I know the challenges and sacrifices I’ve made to insure the integrity of our products. I have an amazing team that believes in this philosophy and is passionate about delivering on it to you. We’re not perfect, we’ve made mistakes, and will in the future, but it’s our passion to be perfect that drives us to never compromise on our values.

Our NutraBio family is here for you and we will not let you down. Thank you for your support, it means more than you can imagine to us.

Live Fit

Mark Glazier
NutraBio, CEO and Founder

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