Illustration of Uncle Sam, Miss American Pie, and a woman sitting on a bomb.

Dear Wholesale Partners,

Thank you all so much for your support of this launch. The feedback on the labels and flavors have been amazing!

As a thank you to those who pre-ordered with us, we are sending you a limited edition NutraBio banner representing this project.

Due to the popular demand, we have already started another production of these flavors and are extending our SALE for these flavors!

If you missed the pre-order or even need to re-up already, please reach out to myself,, or your sales rep today. Make sure to mention this email to get the additional sale!

And don't just take my word for it, check out the write up below from one of our great partners, Natural Body.

NutraBio Freedom Flavors

"As far as I’m concerned these are 3 entirely new concepts as far as #nutrabio goes.

First, the Miss American Apple Pie has inclusions (dehydrated apple pieces). That’s a NutraBio first as far as I’m aware. Plus you don’t pay for it in the macros: it’s still consistent with typical isolate macros. This one mixes up off white/clear - there are no colors added.

The second isolate flavor is Bombs Away, a self-described “cherry candy” flavor. This one tastes like straight up cherry, not super “creamy” they hide the dairy well. It’s light, but the flavor opens up at the end. I could see this being super refreshing and eminently drinkable for post-workout. Because of a tiny amount of beet powder, it mixes up red (but is naturally colored, like all of NutraBio’s products).

Lastly, Muscle Matrix is a thicker, richer texture because it’s 55% whey isolate (like the above flavors) balanced with 45% micellar casein. You can taste cake notes, and frosting notes - it’s not just a dressed up vanilla. Also, apropos of the holiday, this flavor mixes up blue because of spirulina, so we have red, white, and blue protein flavors.

Our advice? Let texture and use case be your guide. If thicker and more applicable to a meal replacement or anytime protein, go with Matrix. If, OTOH, you want thin, fast-digesting, flavor-packed isolates, choose whichever sounds better. They’re both good enough to purchase.
"-Natural Body (Ozone Park, NY)

Bottles of NutraBio Protein Powder, the Freedom Flavors, sitting on a counter in a supplement store.


Mike Alfieri
NutraBio National Sales Manager