GNC Manhattan Tours NutraBio Manufacturing Plant!

On Wednesday, February 22nd 45 of GNC’s Manhattan Manager boarded a bus with notebooks and pens in hand and a yearning to learn on their minds. The bus ride took about an hour to arrive at the location of the best kept secret of the dietary supplement industry, NutraBio headquarters. Many of them had experienced tier 1 training from NutraBio and knew the level of detail they would be able to dive into during the next few hours and none were disappointed. A 5 hour detailed tour of the manufacturing plant showcased areas like ingredient qualification, cGMP standards, FDA regulations, DHEA, supplement fact panel understanding, proprietary blends and ingredient cloaking, DV panels, nitrogen spiking and many more. The morning began with a warm welcome to all attending managers. After signing SOPs to allow them into the clean environment of the cGMP facility, they found their way to the entrance of the manufacturing plant. Gowns, gloves, feet protection, hairnets, and beard nets were donned. From this point Mark Glazier, CEO and Founder of NutraBio, broke down every step of creating a supplement from ingredient quarantine and testing for qualification to weighing, blending, encapsulation, packaging and labeling. After the full tour of the facility Benjamin Kane, Key Accounts Manager, began his section of product training including the commitments that “Without Compromise” entails, full product and ingredient breakdown, key selling points, and important stacking tips for building synergistic stacks in GNC retail stores. With the culmination of this section Matt Mosman, Chief Science Officer, broke down the types of protein GNC sells across the board and addressed what types of consumers require which types so that GNC sales associates can increase their protein category with well times stacks of varying digestive rates. After breaking for lunch with Pre and Intra Blast samples as well as delicious smoothies made with Whey Protein Isolate, The tour moved forward into Mark Glazier’s portion of training. In this section topics like FDA regulations, the DSHEA act of 1994, Supplement Fact Panel standards, Proprietary blends, and nitrogen spiking were covered. After this sections, the managers walked away with a full understanding of how to breakdown any product from the back, meaning how the label shows the ingredients. Easy tools like calculating protein ratios were explained and many managers were seen pulling out their calculators right away to check out these ratios. To round off the day the tour finished with the group being able to go into a non-GMP area and watch their own tour samples be manufactured. They were able to get close and see how the protein was loaded, filled into bottles, labeled, sealed, and checked for metal. NutraBio is very proud to be able to offer this training to local regions. We want to thank Manhattan’s managers again for coming to visit and learn about what we do at NutraBio. We’ll be rolling out more trainings like these soon and welcome all to come learn what makes us different. If you are interested in having your region trained similarly in your locations, or even coming out to our headquarters for a tour, please contact Benjamin Kane at