Happy New Year! NutraBio's 2017 In Review!

Wholesale Customers, Happy New Years and thank you for your continued patronage into 2018! It has been our pleasure in 2017 providing you as well as your consumers the very best the supplement industry has to offer.

2017 Year in Review Expo West & Launch of NutraBio Naturals The 37th annual Natural Products Expo West, was the largest event in the world for natural, organic, and healthy products in 2017 hosting more than 80,000 attendees. As you know we have an amazing sports nutrition line, but that’s not where it ends for us. At this event we introduced our NutraBio Naturals Line with the launch of the NutraBio Natural BCAA in Lemonade. At this time we also relaunched our ever so popular Organic Plant Protein in Vanilla & Chocolate. NutraBio Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate delivers 25 grams of 90% pure, clean protein sourced from dairy cows that have a 100% grass-fed diet. It is non-denatured, nonGMO, and hormone, gluten and lactose-free. What’s more, our grass fed isolate is naturally flavored and sweetened, has no fillers or additives, and contains high amounts of naturally occurring BCAAs and healthy whey fractions. You can now find our NutraBio Naturals Grass Fed Isolate in 1lb, 2lb, & 5lb sizes in Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, and Unflavored. NutraBio Naturals Full Line up as of 1/9/18 -Organic Plant Protein in Vanilla & Chocolate -Grass Fed Isolate in 1lb, 2lb, & 5lb sizes in Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies n Cream, and Unflavored -BCAA 400g in Lemonade, Sun Tea, and Unflavored -Natural IntraBlast and Pre coming soon

Checkmysupps.com One of our larger accomplishments this year was the introduction of Checkmysupps.com. This is a website launched to double down our industry leading transparency and to without a doubt ensure your consumers of the quality they get when you purchase NutraBio. Checkmysupps.com is a website devoted to 100% true product transparency and is an Independent site with no affiliation links linking back to NutraBio.com. On the site, consumers can enter the lot numbers from their favorite NutraBio products to pull up 3rd-party lab analysis and complete COAs. These 3rd-party results include the lab business name and information, date the product was tested, and even the name of the chemist doing the test.

New Top Selling Flavors Intra Sweet Tea & Pre Blue Raspberry If you haven’t tried these yet you’re missing out on fast movers! Please respond to this email to let me know and I’ll send you samples to test out! NutraBio’s Big Splash at the 2017 Mr. Olympia

NutraBio Holiday Party We wrapped up our 2017 with our yearly Holiday Party like only NutraBio can! In 2018 we look forward to hosting more of our valued wholesale partners!

Brandon Cruz (Jersey Shore Supplements COO) & Dan Margolis (NutraBio Sales Director)
NutraBio Wholesale Sales Team (Joey Gonzalez Texas State Sales Rep, Mark Glazier NutraBio Ceo & Founder, Dan Margolis NutraBio National Sales Director, Mike Alfieri West Coast Sales Manager)
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued support! You can count on us to always bring you the best quality and stand true to our promise of disclosure, transparency, and honesty! Coming next our big splash into 2018 we look forward to your continued partnership! Thank you! Dan Margolis NutraBio National Sales Director