There are formulas and supplements designed for building muscle, improving recovery for your joints, and helping your heart. One aspect of health and fitness that has been overlooked for far too long is lung health. Oxygen is essential for so many parts of your body so it should make sense that supporting your ability to breathe can translate to improved health, fitness, and overall wellness.

NutraBio couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of the ever-popular and highly anticipated Lungs. Lungs is the second product in NutraBio’s New Wellness Line that will have products stacked with ingredients proven to support your wellness whether that be internally such as Immune, Lungs, Liver, Heart, and Eyes, or externally such as Skin. If you know NutraBio you know we won’t accept having mediocre products. You can expect nothing but the best and purest ingredients combined synergistically together to maximize your health, wellness, and fitness.

Lungs was designed to be a standalone product for overall lung and respiratory health, but you really see and feel the magic when it is stacked with Immune. We all know a stronger immune system not only helps you stay healthy every day but will also play a role in how you recover from the stress of work or your fitness efforts.

The purpose of Lungs is to help you, well, breathe better. This is possible thanks to the ingredients that are included which can contribute to your lung health in many positive ways.

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Question: Did you know upper respiratory infections (URIs) are one of the most common reasons for doctor visits as well as the most common illness resulting in missed work or school?

Daily doses of Immuno-LP20™ were found to decrease the incidence of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) in healthy subjects with high levels of psychological stress. This combined with and EpiCor® helps reinforce your first and second lines of active defense, increases antioxidant protection and also may help support good gut health.

First Line of Defense

  • EpiCor strengthens the first line of active defense by increasing secretory immunoglobin A (sIgA) in saliva. SigA is there to help trap pathogens and bacteria that get to your skin, eyes, mouth and other mucus membranes before they cause harm

Second Line of Defense

  • EpiCor strengthens a second line of active defense by helping increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. The Natural Killer cells go to work fast and effectively seeking out and destroying infected cells at the initial occurrence.

Antioxidant Power

  • EpiCor helps strengthen your immune defenses by increasing antioxidant power in as little as two hours.

Gut Health

  • 70% of your immune cells are actually found in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. EpiCor has been shown to act like a prebiotic in sophisticated digestive system models.

Double-Blind - Placebo-Controlled - Parallel Study.

  • This study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science included 78 subjects exposed to demonstrable physical and psychological stress, which is known to disrupt the regulation of the immune system. Subjects were randomly given LP-20 (10 mg) or a placebo tablet daily for 12 weeks. Upper Respiratory Infections were significantly lower in the LP-20 group than in the control group. Those that did contract an infection showed decreased duration and severity and symptoms.

Now add Vitamin C, Zinc, Grape Seed, Ginger Root, Vitamin D3, Selenium, and Copper into the equation and you have thrown down the gauntlet for any pathogens that dare try to enter your body. If they manage to get through the combo of Lungs and Immune, you will surely support fighting them off at a faster rate.

The only thing better than having Immune and Lungs stacked together is knowing the exact amount of all the ingredients in each product. Thanks to NutraBio’s full transparency policy our labels always reveal exact amounts of each ingredient with no blends or hidden additives. As with all NutraBio’s supplements, you know what you’re taking and you know Immune and Lungs will do what they're designed to do.

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