Ingredients 101: Infinergy Caffeine

Infinergy Caffeine – The energy powerhouse without the jitters. At first glance, 350 MG of caffeine in PRE V3 & PRE Extreme could seem like a lot of caffeine in a pre-workout for some people. But what you may not have noticed is that this is a combination of boCaffeine, pre-workout, pre extreme, infinergyth Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate & traditional Caffeine Anhydrous. Infinergy is a specialized form of caffeine which is milder than Caffeine Anhydrous yet has longer-lasting stimulatory effects without the side effect of jitteriness. “With regard to the Caffeine Anhydrous & Infinergy (also known as Di-Caffeine Malate or DCM) combination: we ran qualitative research over 6 months, experimenting with various combinations to come up with this formula. We found that Infinergy on its own didn’t give enough of the initial energy spike that’s needed in a pre-workout while too much Caffeine Anhydrous (more than 250mg) caused jitters and bonking in longer intense workouts. Intense workout, infinergyHowever, by combining them together in this ratio, the Anhydrous kicks in hard for the initial energy and the Infinergy takes over to even it out and give a longer stimulatory effect, resulting in increased exercise capacity without hitting the wall mid-workout.” – Mark Glazier - NutraBio CEO & Founder. Studies show that caffeine may also have the ability to liberate stored body fats so they can be utilized as fuel. Burning fat as fuel saves muscle glycogen, enhancing physical performance, thereby increasing energy expenditure. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant that increases the release of adrenaline, fights fatigue and drowsiness, increases alertness, and improves mental focus. Caffeine may also act to suppress appetite and help eliminate cravings. See the difference Infinergy makes for a prolonged sense of energy without any crash or drowsiness when the anhydrous wears off. Try PRE V3 or PRE Extreme before your next training session. Pre-workout, deadlift, infinergy Check back for new Ingredients 101 articles to learn more about what goes into your supplements and take control of your nutrition.