Intra Blast… What is it? Who should take it? How should they take it? What sets Intra Blast apart?

What is it?

INTRA BLAST is a comprehensive powerhouse amino acid and electrolyte product designed to provide you with everything you need to perform at your best while maximizing recovery between sets during intense training. INTRA aka DURING your training is key here. During intense training, your body's muscle proteins are constantly broken down. The key to muscle growth, strength, gains, and maximal recovery is maximizing muscle protein synthesis through proper nutrition and supplementation. The fastest way to do this is to supplement and replenish with key amino acids. There is no better time to do this than consuming a bolus 20-gram dose of key amino acids and electrolytes such as the EAA’s, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Taurine and more in INTRA BLAST at the time of need.

Who should take it?

INTRA BLAST is recommended for anyone looking to increase muscle mass, recover faster between training sessions, increase energy during and after training, as well as see faster changes in body composition and strength.

How should you take it?

INTRA BLAST is meant to be taken throughout your toughest training sessions. We suggest taking 1 scoop with your desired amount of water (the more the better for hydration) and sip on it throughout your training session. One common misconception is that INTRA is only meant to be taken during weight-bearing training. INTRA will be beneficial during all anaerobic and aerobic cardio workouts. Anytime you are pushing your body, INTRA will be there to push you past your limits. INTRA can also be sipped any time of the day to meet your recovery needs. Don't be afraid to blend 1 scoop with Ice for a refreshing summer delight

What sets Intra Blast apart from other amino acid products on the market as well as NutraBio’s selection of products?

Most intra-workout supplements only contain BCAAs. INTRA BLAST takes this light years further by adding therapeutic dosages of 16 research-backed ingredients, a complete EAA profile, 5000mg of glutamine, 2000mg of betaine, 1000mg of Ornithine, and a thorough hydration matrix. Without a doubt, Intra Blast is the pinnacle of intra-workout supplementation.

Where the separation occurs in products compared to INTRA is the amount of amino acids as well as the full spectrum of EAA’s performance ingredients and electrolytes. During intense training sessions your body is breaking down muscle and muscle protein stores quickly. To perform optimally this is where you can't short-change your supplementation with a lower dose of aminos or inferior product. No other intra-workout even comes close to providing the overall profile and therapeutically dosed ingredients found in Intra Blast, which have been proven to fuel performance and enhance recovery.

Ask yourself, "Can I expect results if I take shortcuts in my workouts?" If you answered no, then you shouldn't take shortcuts with your supplementation either.

You TRAIN WITHOUT COMPROMISE, and NutraBio has put every ounce of effort into creating INTRA BLAST WITHOUT COMPROMISE

NutraBio's other amino acid products:

  • Intra Blast Non-Artificial - Same base version of INTRA BLAST containing 20 grams of aminos acids with a hydration and electrolyte complex, just naturally sweetened with raw cane sugar and stevia.
  • Alpha EAA - Contains 8.2 grams of an EAA/BCAA amino acid blend along with Key Nootropics (Alpha GPC & VitaCholine) Adaptogens (KSM-66 and Huperzine) to increase brain function, memory, acuity and balance cortisol levels. This all topped off with 50mg of Astragin to increase Absorption!
  • EAA Pure - Contains 8.2 grams of an EAA/BCAA amino acid blend, hydration and electrolyte complex, also including 50mg of Astragin to increase Absorption.
  • EAA Non-Artificial - Contains 8.2 grams of an EAA/BCAA amino acid blend, hydration and electrolyte complex, 50mg of Astragin, and naturally sweetened with monk fruit and stevia.