New, Keto Friendly MCT Powder Now Available

Last week, NutraBio made available a new and improved version of our MCT powder. As many of you know, MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are a type of fat that acts more like a carbohydrate. Because MCTs are shorter in length than long-chain fatty acids (i.e., vegetable oils) and water-soluble, they are metabolized differently in the body. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, MCTs bypass the digestion process of longer chain fatty acids and go directly to the liver where they are rapidly broken down and thus, provide a quick source of energy and are less likely to be stored in fat cells.

MCTs are a favorite supplement of those individuals following a ketogenic diet as they can be used in place of carbs for quick energy before workouts. Also, because MCTs are calorie dense, they can help keto dieters meet the amount of calories needed from fat on a daily basis. Individuals not following a ketogenic diet may also find MCTs useful as it relates to weight loss or gain, for athletic performance (protein and carbohydrate sparing effect), and for overall health.

Discussed below are the highlights of our new MCT powder and a comparison to our old MCT formula:

New MCT Formula Old MCT Formula
MCTs extracted from coconut oil MCTs extracted from palm
High in the most beneficial MCTs, C8 & C10 Not as high in C8 & C10
Zero net carbs 5 grams of carbohydrate
No maltodextrin or sugar Maltodextrin used for drying process
Keto friendly Limited Use With Ketogenic diet
60 calories per serving 60 calories per serving
50 servings per container 45 servings per container
In sum, NutraBio's new MCT powder may be most beneficial for individuals who are following a ketogenic diet, those who need a calorie-dense option to put on lean mass, people who need a rapid energy source before or during exercise, and those who want to cut daily carbs but not total daily calories.