Knock Out by NutraBio’s UFC Fighter Julio Arce!

Julio Punching (on right) punching Julian Erosa (on left)

On Saturday May 18th, 2019 Nutrabio & BioCrew Athlete Julio Arce displayed his best for his hometown crowd! He brought his A-Game and knocked his opponent out with a spectacularly skilled and timed head-kick at UFC Fight Night Rochester!! Arce’s featherweight fight against Julian Erosa lasted up to the third round with back and forth exchanges until Julio dropped the hammer or “Foot” and finished with a knockout at 1:49!

Check out Julio’s highlight knockout posted on Twitter by the UFC:

Julio Punching (on left) kicking Julian Erosa in the stomache

Julio Arce filling shaker bottle with NutraBio BCAA 5000 powder.Julio now holds an official UFC record of 3 wins to 1 loss. Huge CONGRATS from NutraBio and the entire BioCrew Family! We are so pumped to see him jump back in the cage soon as he is surely destined for GREATNESS.

To get ready for his fights, Julio includes a variety of NutraBio products. Julio uses NutraBio’s Pre-Stim Free to fuel every workout and peak his endurance and focus. In addition, Julio takes NutraBio’s Super Carb and BCAAs for added energy, recovery, hydration, and overall performance. To help him stay strong, Arce uses NutraBio’s Classic Whey Protein to help with repairing and building his muscular strength for his next strenuous session. Julio uses these products to keep him performing at his best!

When asked why Julio chooses NutraBio he responded with, “Being a UFC fighter it can be challenging choosing supplements as it is imperative nothing contains banned substances”. ‘When I take NutraBio not only do I know what’s in my supplements and that they are the best quality, I know what’s not in them”. That’s peace of mind you need when your career could be defined by a failed test. Julio goes on to explain how his credo aligns with NutraBio’s WITHOUT COMPROMISE! Julio’s life revolves around being his best and always getting better. Just like Julio at NutraBio it’s not about being the best it’s about being the Best NutraBio and we are always getting better as we are ALWAYS WITHOUT COPROMISE!NutraBio Classic Whey, in flavor Ice Cream Cookie Dream

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