Lacking Motivation? Stay on top of your GAINZ, I mean Game!

Motivation is a lot like falling in love. The start of a relationship can be difficult, but it’s followed by a great honeymoon period. Then, it requires serious commitment. Motivation to work out is very similar, as you need to push through some tough parts, enjoy the good parts, and figure out a way to stay committed for the long term. So, how do you stay motivated? The answer is that you teach yourself to stay motivated! Try these four quick and easy tips!
  • First and foremost, learn what gets you fired up (or inspired)! Sounds crazy, but you need to ask yourself what works best for you. Are you the type that needs music? Perhaps you need to compete with yourself or others. Regardless of what inspires and motivates you, you must find out what it is so you can make sure you focus on it!
  • Figure out if there is anything holding you back. Sometimes people are motivated but find themselves stumbling on issues that then decrease their motivation. Dig deep here and really figure out what stands in your way. Is it fear of what other people think? Are you self-conscious? Do you hate working out alone? Do you find it boring? Some of these things are easy to fix with solutions like joining a group class or getting a workout partner if you hate working out alone. Or, you could listen to an audiobook while you do cardio if you find it boring. Maybe YouTube videos work for you. Other issues might be tough to resolve; however, the first step is acknowledging your stumbling block!
  • Make an inspirational and motivational board! This can be as simple as creating a Pinterest board of motivational quotes or following inspirational people and organizations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I personally like to put motivational sayings in places that I routinely walk or pass by. The key here is to continually expose yourself to whatever motivates you so you have a constant stream of inspiration.
  • Set short- and long-term goals. This will really help you stay on track. The motivation that results from achieving a short-term goal is tremendously helpful! Too often, people will only focus on their long-term goals. This just sets people up for failure because they feel like they’re constantly falling short and will never quite get there. By setting shorter-term goals, you can ascertain the feeling of success you need and the accompanying motivation that comes with it!
  • This one may sound crazy, but try buying fitness apparel or supplements. Personally, when I invest in a tub of MuscleMatrix protein, I feel obligated to work out so I can use the protein for my recovery shake. If I invest the money ahead of time, I feel required to follow through and exercise. It's a sense of accountability. For me, it has the same effect as telling someone your goals and what you will accomplish. It's sort of like a financial commitment to yourself. Admittedly, it’s the feeling of guilt over wasting money that ends up motivating you, but, hey, sometimes you need an extra nudge.
So, next time you need a self-esteem booster or just need a bit more motivation, remember these tips, and teach yourself to be motivated. Keep it simple, give it your best, be positive, and stay motivated! You can stay motivated and thrive at whatever you set your mind to! Article Written By: Zane Hadzick