Meet Mike Alfieri!

Nutrabio Wholesale Accounts, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and thank you all for the support of the brand I’ve come to know and love. I truly am blessed to work for a company of such high standards and extraordinary qualities. To give you a better understanding about that you can take a look at my past. Straight out of college I saw a future of coaching and training until I got my first look into the sports nutrition industry in 2013 when I took a job with MusclePharm. I quickly excelled and was soon promoted to their East Coast Regional Manager. However, I found myself more and more concerned with quality and label transparency and quickly grew tired of the deception involved in the industry. I decided if I was going to stay in the sports nutrition industry I would only do so with a company who put the consumer first, who therapeutically dosed their products and had full label disclosure, a company like Nutrabio. After a short stint in the Pharmaceutical industry my opportunity arose and I got the chance to join one of the fastest growing and most ethical companies in the industry, a company who is setting the standard, Nutrabio. I joined forces with Nutrabio in November of 2016 and have been quickly expanding the brand in California. Please feel free to reach me anytime or schedule an appointment with me in California! Regards, Mike Alfieri