Our Commitment To Quality

metal detectorSometimes what’s NOT in your nutritional supplement is just important as what’s in it, like metal fragments. Many processes are used during the manufacturing of dietary supplements, like blending, milling, screening, encapsulation and packaging to name a few. During these processes, the ingredients come in contact with stainless blades, screens, augers and other items that can chip leaving metal fragments in the final product. At NutraBio, we do not tolerate any contamination of our supplements. Shown in this picture is our state of the art metal detection system, one of NutraBio’s many CCPs (critical control points) in our manufacturing process. All NutraBio finished products go through metal detection during the final packaging stage and after the last point that the product ever comes in contact with metal. These metal detectors can find ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel fragments the size of a pinhead, and if found that green light you see in the picture turns red, a loud buzzer sounds, and the entire packaging line comes to an immediate halt. Once the contaminated product is removed and discarder, the Quality Assurance department can restart the line. It’s just one more detail that shows NutraBio’s commitment to quality, purity and efficacy and one more reason why we manufacture our supplements in our own FDA registered and inspected GMP facility at our headquarters here in New Jersey.