MUST TRY: Game-Changing Blue Raspberry Pre-Workout Smoothie

Taste. Flavor. The yum factor. It’s why so many people fall off track, led by the temptation of delicious foods that don’t have the greatest macronutrient profile. Fitness is a 24/7/365 pursuit, and after a while, clean eating and various powders and pills can get really tough to swallow. That’s why there is such an attrition rate in successful fitness transformations. Well, At Nutrabio, we have a new delicious surprise for you. The NEW Blue Raspberry! Nutrition can be effective and delicious. Nutrabio’s brand new Blue Raspberry PRE is mouth-watering and packed with clinical doses of 18 research-backed ingredients. That’s why PRE dominates the pre-workout category. It’s got a high stimulant profile for alertness and energy, PharmaPuretm creatine and creatine MagnaPower® for ATP production and explosive strength, as well 1000mg of Agmatine, and 6 grams of Citrulline for an intense pump. And that’s just the beginning. Pre-workout nutrition is important. Some people think they need a massive amount of food before they lift and others feel that they’ll burn more fat if they’re fasted. Truth is, you need to have just enough nutrients to fuel your workout and recovery, no matter your goal. That’s different for everyone, but it doesn’t have to mean always eating plain chicken and rice and chalky supplements. If you know your macronutrient requirements, you can fit lots of varied foods into your diet. You’ll notice yourself staying on track longer and getting better results. With that being said, here is some pre-training nutrition made with the help of the new Blue Raspberry PRE. Upgrade Your Shaker Cup Today, we’re going to make a pre-training smoothie that won’t just give you a blast of energy, but real fuel so that you can take your training intensity to the next level. We’re also going to make a pre-workout snack so we don’t get hangry and throw weights in the gym. You all know what we’re talking about it. The Blue Power Ranger Blue Superfood pre-workout smoothie The Blue ranger was smart and strong. Just like this smoothie. Get intense focus, power, and pump from PRE and some carbs to burn throughout your workout. Fuel:
  • 46g Carbs
  • 2g Fat
1 Scoop NUTRABIO PRE Blue Raspberry 1 Cup Crushed Ice 10 oz Cold Water ½ Cup Pomegranate Juice 1/2 Medium Banana 1 Cup Raspberries