The Truth About Protein

Many of you have probably read the story of the mother in Australia who is pushing for the government to regulate protein powders. She got involved after her daughter died from a rare disease that does not allow the body to properly process protein.

It's unfortunate that when something sad like this happens, the media, with all its pundits, disregard their responsibility to educate the public in an effort to possibly prevent future harm. Instead they take the opportunity to bring attention to themselves by spewing nonsense hyperbole that more often than not hurts rather than helps.

Case in point, Dr. Oz got in his 2 cents on the issue today, and that's about all his opinion is worth. Here it is: “If you want to have protein powder for breakfast, 15 grams maybe, that’s okay. In a day, we expect people to have 70, 80 grams of protein, but I don’t want you having hundreds of grams of protein. That’s not what you’re supposed to do. It's supposed to replace simple carbohydrates, not become the only thing you eat."

OZ ACTUALLY TEACHES THAT THE PURPOSE OF PROTEIN POWDER IS TO REPLACE SUGAR IN YOUR DIET!!! C'mon OZ...really??? His name serves him well, he is the wizard hiding behind the curtain bullshitting all his followers. This is why people get hurt..because bozos like him rarely know WTF they are talking about.

News flash for Dr. Oz!!! New nutrition science just released today!!!! Groundbreaking - here you go, give it a try... Instead of suggesting your patients replace sugar in their diet with protein, try suggesting they replace sugar with complex carbs, saturated fats with beneficial fats and use protein powders to supplement their protein intake not replace foods. Help them calculate the proper amount of daily protein they need for their lifestyle, work out a nutrition plan for them so they get the majority of their protein from whole foods and use protein powders to supplement times of the day when they can't get the protein they need from whole foods.

It is time the media's so called experts STFU when they don't know what they are talking about.