New Strawberry Pastry Extreme Mass

New Strawberry Pastry Extreme Mass

The team here at NutraBio has been busy unleashing a torrent of new products and flavors. This week we’ve decided to introduce a new flavor in Extreme Mass. Strawberry Pastry is a delicious and creamy strawberry flavor without being overly sweet. Even more impressive is that this product contains just 1% flavoring, which means 99% of the powder in the container is contributing to your gains. On that note, let’s take a look at how Extreme Mass helps you gain size and muscle.

When gaining weight, the name of the game is calories in, calories out. If you don’t consume more calories than you burn, you won’t be gaining any weight. To address this, Extreme Mass comes in at 650 Calories per serving. When consumed alongside your regular meals, this is an easy way to add a huge amount of calories to your diet. Of course, what good are calories if they aren’t coming from a proper source? NutraBio has you covered there too.

Extreme Mass uses a combination of our high grade whey concentrate (WPC80) and our micellar casein. This combination of fast and slow digesting proteins translates to extended protein release, keeping you in an anabolic state for longer. This is the same underlying idea in our Muscle Matrix. This improves recovery and muscle growth, especially when consumed post-workout. Carbohydrates come from our Long-Chain Polymetric Fraction Maltodextrin. All too often we hear that maltodextrin is a bad word, as it is frequently associated with simple sugars. However, maltodextrin can describe a wide array of carbohydrates. In the case of Extreme Mass (and also our Carbo Max), the maltodextrin used is a highly complex carbohydrate that takes up to 2 hours to completely digest, and it has a relatively low glycemic index. Healthy fats come from our coconut based MCT powder, which also enhances the creamy flavor of the Strawberry Pastry.

All told, the 650 Calories primarily come from 88g of complex carbohydrates and 53g of complete protein, with just 6g of fat. Extreme Mass also boasts a micronutrient spectrum to ensure maximum recovery and performance.

Extreme Mass is a perfect match for anyone that would describe themselves as a hard gainer, or simply does not have the time to consume the calories needed to jump up to the next weight class.

Extreme Mass Strawberry Pastry can be found on today for $47.99! Get yours now!