NutraBio Announces Collaboration With KLZ To Incorporate Novel Ingredient 3D Pump Breakthrough In New Pre-Workout

July 15 2021 – Middlesex, NJ: Over the last year, NutraBio has been working with KLZ quietly under a non-disclosure agreement to develop a ground breaking pre-workout powdered dietary supplement that leverages 3D Pump Breakthrough's unique and beneficial properties and synergies. "When NutraBio launches our new, flagship pre-workout to the sports nutrition industry that utilizes 3D Pump Breakthrough in it, once again we will show the industry how meaningful innovation is not just possible but that it is absolutely doable. I cannot understate the improvement to the pre-workout product space this new product will provide for consumers around the world," said Mark Glazier, Founder & CEO of NutraBio.

3D Pump Breakthrough is a fully DSHEA 1994 compliant dietary ingredient that has unique vasoactive, hydration, exercise endurance, ammonia scavenging and mitochondrial optimizing properties. These properties make it ideal for use in the pre-workout, sports nutrition space among many other areas in the dietary supplement world.

"I have known Bruce Kneller, Dr. Hector Lopez and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss literally for decades. These guys are some of the brightest, trustworthy and most innovative minds in the sports nutrition industry today and NutraBio is thrilled to be collaborating with them on new pre-workout products that utilize their innovative & patented 3D Pump Breakthrough ingredient", says Mark Glazier

"NutraBio is one of those rare companies that produces ultra-high quality dietary supplements that are made under tightly controlled, fully cGMP compliant conditions all the time and every time," says Bruce Kneller, co-founder of KLZ. "Having personally inspected NutraBio's production facilities I can say their well-earned reputation for transparency and ethics is spot on & 100% deserved – their Middlesex, NJ facility is one of the cleanest and most compliant manufacturing facilities I have inspected in my 25+ years in this industry."

"As a physician-scientist, it's always a pleasure to work with people like Mark and brands like NutraBio to formulate new and exciting products. These guys 'get it' – they understand the science aspects of ingredients on an individual basis, as well as how a more comprehensive multi-ingredient formulation will perform not only on an organoleptic and clinical level, but also places priority on the real-world experience of the consumer. Mark and his team make KLZ's job a lot easier," says Hector Lopez, MD, CSCS, FAAPMR, FISSN co-founder of KLZ, "we expect to do many great things with NutraBio in this partnership. This pre-workout project is just the start of a long-term collaboration."

"We are white boarding a 2nd clinical trial using our 3D Pump Breakthrough ingredient above and beyond the initial human pilot studies we conducted in support of our two patents," says Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, CSCS, FISSN co-founder of KLZ. "We have already demonstrated to the satisfaction of the United States Patent and Trademark Office that our product provides tangible, unanticipated synergies and benefits over similar, but less effective ingredients. After many iterations, discovery & development work evaluating many unique bioactive compositions, I believe 3D Pump Breakthrough is a best-in-class, multi-pronged ingredient that checks many boxes in the 'pump inducing/muscle volumizing' space of sports nutrition."

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