NutraBio Announces Supplement Training Specifically Catered to GNC

Over the past few months NutraBio has assembled a team of knowledgeable, passionate, and driven representatives to bring our passion to your sales force. We've visited 100s of GNCs from Wisconsin to Florida with samples and product info to share with all GNC employees. In addition to visits we've been honored to train multiple regions of managers and even all of Division 1's RSDs on supplement facts, quality ingredients, and the status of our industry. Currently, we are conducting one of the biggest pushes of education to GNC in the history of supplements. As the first company to remove all proprietary blends, fillers and additives by instating full label disclosure in every single product of ours, we believe the best way to help you sell quality product regiments is making you the most educated sales team in the industry. We are proud to extend a personal invitation to let us sponsor a training meeting for your store, region, district, or division. Not only will our training boost knowledge of NutraBio, it will create a very in depth understanding of supplement fact panels and how to interpret products. We've found a direct translation to boosts in basket building, and sales confidence. Contact NutraBio Key Account Manager Benjamin Kane at to schedule a training today!