When it comes to 2020, we all know that this year has been tough across the board; especially for NutraBio’s competitive bodybuilders! Despite all the circumstances and obstacles, there was some hope for a return to NPC & IFBB competitions for NutraBio Athletes Amanda Aguzzi, Dawn Barnes, Liana Martinez and Josh Phillips.

First to compete and start her competitive season, IFBB Bikini Pro Liana Martinez placed 6th at the IFBB Wasatch Warrior Pro in Salt Lake City, followed by both the IFBB Tampa Pro and the IFBB World Klash Pro - both held in Tampa, Florida. Liana placed Top 10 in two-out-of-three shows, which featured some of the best bikini competitors around the world.

Next to compete was Nationally Qualified Women’s Physique Competitor Dawn Barnes and Nationally Qualified lightweight bodybuilder, Josh Philips. Both competing at national-level bodybuilding shows in Pennsylvania & South Carolina, respectively. Dawn and Josh were both looking to earn their IFBB Pro ranking, which is awarded to competitors who win their class at NPC shows.

Dawn Barnes is a mom of three, wife of NutraBio’s BioCrew leader Eric Barnes and full-time real estate agent. She repeatedly proves anything is possible if you are passionate about it! Dawn placed 2nd in her Women’s Physique class amongst 15 of the best NPC competitors in the country. Although her placing was not what she was striving for, the entire NutraBio team is incredibly proud of the package she brought and how well she executed her prep.

Josh Phillips, NutraBio athlete & Southeast Sales Rep, eyeing his chance at an IFBB Pro-card as well; brought his best physique to date. While his placing wasn’t what he had hoped, Josh is using that as motivation for his return to the stage next year. He’s already begun a revised training & nutritional regimen that will allow him to build upon and optimize the hard work he put into this year’s competition prep.

Last but certainly not least - Amanda Aguzzi, our IFBB Bikini Pro and Vegetarian Athlete - placed an impressive 6th place at the prestigious IFBB NY Pro. This is one of the biggest IFBB shows outside of the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia. The show was forced to change its location from New York to Tampa, Florida due to COVID restrictions but this didn’t alter Amanda’s determination to continue finishing her prep strong and hitting the stage for the first time in 2020. Amanda is gearing up and leaning down to compete next at the IFBB Hurricane Pro on September 19, where she expects to continue her first-callout placing at her second show of the year.