NutraBio Awarded Philanthropic Brand Of The Year By Fitness Informant

One of the best acts of giving, kindness and generosity occurred in 2020. NutraBio's First Responders Program, which saw the brand give out free immune support supplements to our men and women in law enforcement, fire departments and in the medical field, which impacted the lives of many people on the front lines during the COVID19 pandemic. This act of kindness was more than enough to earn them the title of inaugural 2020 Fitness Informant Philanthropic Brand of the Year.

The First Responders Program saw NutraBio pivot on product launch and marketing campaigns to put their money into immune support supplements like First Response that was given out 100% free of charge to tens of thousands of First Responders nationwide. NutraBio also offered free alcohol refill program for local police and fire departments and supplied hand sanitizer to local municipalities.

In all, NutraBio donated over $350,000 in immune supplements, protein, hand sanitizer and alcohol to individual First Responders and hundreds of Police, SWAT, Fire and EMS departments as well as hospitals and military units. During this time NutraBio never asked their customer base to donate or buy a product to support the program. The brand largely shouldered the expense of the campaign themselves.

CEO Mark Glazier told Fitness Informant that the First Responders program has been the most rewarding think the brand has ever done. “Our entire team participated in the First Response Initiative which got aid to thousands true heroes serving on the Front Line. These folks were putting their lives on the line for the rest of us and we felt it was our responsibility to what we could to support them.”

With the global COVID19 pandemic still looming, Mark has approved phase 2 of the First Responders program. In phase 2, the brand will re-supply First Responders from phase 1.

Final Takeaway

This was by far one of the greatest rewards for us; to honor a brand for their philanthropic efforts. Giving is a huge part of what we do and what we support. Thank you to all of the brands who made an impact in 2020. Thank you to the brand owners and teams who made the choice that giving needs to be a priority for today and tomorrow.

Congrats to Mark Glazier, Dan Margolis and the entire NutraBio team for their efforts over 2020. As someone who's wife is a front line worker (Danielle is a RN) I can appreciate these efforts so much. Keep doing you and keep making an impact on people's lives.

To all the other brands nominated, helluva job supporting the causes you believe in and are tied too. Thank you for being honorable and good.