NutraBio Investing in You: All new BcGMP manufacturing facility launching July 1!

Big Announcement!!! So NutraBio is in the midst of a full renovation of our cGMP manufacturing facility. A top to bottom complete overhaul of the facility with the sole purpose of improving the quality and efficacy of our supps. We’ve closed down manufacturing until July 1st as we undergo the most comprehensive facility upgrade that we’ve ever undertaken. NutraBio was already a legit cGMP manufacturing facility so why would we do this. Well, most companies do something like this in response to shortcomings in an FDA audit and after I first posted about the renovations, I was challenged on that point. But we just finished a 3 week FDA cGMP inspection and if you read my post about it, you know that we made it through the full inspection without a single 483 observance. That means the FDA found no shortcomings in our processes that required improvement. Why do people think that positive action is always in response to negative action? It reminds of when we started publishing 3rd-Party test results for every batch of supps we manufacture. Everyone thought we must have gotten caught failing label claim so we did it as a public relations stunt. No, our products never failed, we did it because it’s the right thing to do for our customers. People should know exactly what’s in their supps and I make sure they do. So back to the question, why would I do this comprehensive upgrade of my facility if I don’t have to? I’ve always found that people act for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. In this case it not desperation since no regulatory agency is forcing me to do it. I have to say its inspiration. Every day I read messages and posts from all of you and I get inspired by what you say. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, just go to our BioCrew page on Facebook and you’ll understand. So many of you trying to better your lives and trusting my team and I to do our part. That trust is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. So when I see ways that I can improve my supplements I feel compelled to act. There was nothing wrong with my previous facility, I would have put it up against any other in the country, but if I can improve quality I must do it. When we’re finished, we’ll no longer be a cGMP facility – we’re moving up to a new category: BcGMP facility... Beyond cGMP!!!! My promise to you is the same as it was when I started NutraBio 23 years ago: to give you the best damn supplements I possibly can! That is the challenge I give my team and myself every single day, and it is my solemn promise to you. So BioCrew, thank you for your support and inspiration, this is for you and I hope you’ll come visit us when we’re finished. I’ll personally give you a tour!