NutraBio Magazine Ad From The 90’s - ThermoFuel v1

thermofuel throwback thursday #TBTthermofuel NutraBio in Cosmopolitan Magazine back in the 1990’s promoting the first version of our powerhouse thermogenic ThermoFuel. A lot has changed since then, our name NutraBiotics was shortened to NutraBio and we are now up to ThermoFuel Version 9, but what hasn’t changed is our total commitment to never compromising. After 19 years of continuous development our newest version, ThermoFuel V9, is our strongest yet. Now, just as back then, companies still hype "magic pills" guaranteeing you a perfect body with little or no effort. Unfortunately, too many people rely on these hollow promises only to be disappointed. As you can read in our old ad, what we preached back then is the same as what we preach today. If you want to change your body, the answer isn't in a bottle alone; it's in a personal commitment to smart and healthy eating habits and regular exercise. thermofuel supp facts label If you're serious about making a change and have started eating healthier and exercising, then ThermoFuel can help you reach your goals. ThermoFuel V9 helps you: • burn fat and boost metabolism, • improve thermogenesis and burning of calories, • control hunger and stabilize appetite, • fight fatigue and increase energy, For more product info on ThermoFuel V9, click here. For wholesale information, please contact Corey Russo at