NutraBio MMA Athlete, Tee Cummins Continues his Dominance in MMA

NutraBio Extreme Athlete Tee "The Experiment" Cummins, continues to shine in the MMA cage with his victory this past Saturday. Tee faced Eric Olsen at Valor Fighting Championship 82 and was dominant as he won by knockout in the very first round.

From the first bell, you saw that Tee had complete control of the fight. He showcased a superior stand-up game that used a combination of punches and kicks while his opponent only looked to land knock-out power shots.

Halfway through the first round, Olsen looked to surprise Tee by throwing a spinning back fist, however, Tee reacted quickly and took him down to the mat. Tee applied pressure on Olsen while on the ground and continued to throw strikes.

Olsen and Tee found their way standing up and it was clear Olsen was tired after being held down by Tee. Tee continued to land combinations without much resistance and sensed the finish was near. With less than 30 seconds in the first round, Tee slammed Olsen down to the mat and landed devastating elbow strikes until the referee came in to stop the fight.

Tee has been extremely successful since transitioning from a world elite powerlifter to a professional Mixed Martial Artist. Since turning pro in 2019, Tee has amassed an undefeated record on four wins in MMA and two wins in Bare Knuckle Boxing. Tee has shown a unique combination of speed, power, and discipline that has given him an advantage over many of his opponents. We are excited to see Tee continue to rise through the MMA rankings and we will keep everyone updated on his MMA journey.

Tee declared the victor after a dominant performance.

Tee has high-intensity training sessions in preparation for his fights. He trains twice a day multiple days a week, and uses NutraBio’s Pre Stim-Free, Intra Blast, and Reload to keep him at the top of his game going into fight night.

In the morning, Tee uses Pre Stim-Free and Intra Blast for his strength and conditioning workouts to help him train harder while staying hydrated. At night, Tee will use Reload Post-Workout after his MMA and boxing sessions to help him recover and prevent soreness so he doesn’t miss a step when he trains the next day.

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