NutraBio products pass random “LEAD” testing by the Environmental Research Center

Nutrabio Labs, Inc. is proud to announce that random lead testing on thirteen of its products by the non-profit organization Environmental Research Center (ERC) have all passed California’s Proposition 65’s lead exposure limits. The testing was administered on thirteen randomly purchased NutraBio products by the ERC without the knowledge of NutraBio and not announced to the company until completion of the lab analysis. The ERC performs random tests on products being sold in the State of California to insure adherence to Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986) threshold for lead exposure. The ERC announced to NutraBio, via the attached letter, that all 13 of our products passed. Here is what is what the Executive Director of ERC had to say about the results of their testing: “It is my pleasure to report these results to you. ERC applauds your company’s efforts in providing these products that are compliant with Proposition 65’s threshold for lead. The Environmental Research Center, located in San Diego, CA. is a non-profit organization dedicated to, among other among other causes, helping safeguard the public from health hazards by reducing the use and misuse of hazardous and toxic chemicals, facilitating a safe environment for consumers and employees, and encouraging corporate responsibility. Click here to view the letter from the Environmental Research Center About NutraBio: NutraBio Lab’s, Inc. is an FDA registered and inspected c-GMP dietary supplement manufacturer committed to providing consumers with the purest, safest and most effective nutritional supplements that science can offer. NutraBio uses no fillers or excipients in its products and fully discloses every ingredient and corresponding dosage on every label. NutraBio products are manufactured by NutraBio in the United States and meet or exceed FDA 21 CFR Part 111 CGMP regulations. For more information about please visit their website: or call (888) 688-7224.