NutraBio Represents BIG at the NY Pro Bodybuilding Show

The New York Pro’s arena was filled with energy and excitement as some of the fittest people on the planet compete and spectate. The classes were stacked with talent, and the NutraBio table was stacked with samples of products. The brand new Whey Isolate Grass Fed Natural protein was a hit. A few people said it tasted like chocolate milk!

Victor Martinez stopped by and took a picture with Athlete Brian Johnson, and Sadik Hadzovic came over and had a conversation with Athlete Ant “Gainz” LaVigne. A few of the patrons mentioned that they loved NutraBio for its purity and honesty. The IntraBlast was one of everyones favorites. They raved about how it helps them stay on top of their days, and how they feel replenished by the electrolytes.

Brian noticed a lot more people have heard and are now using our product as compared to previous demos. Finally the people are beginning to notice that NutraBio stands alone, and they’re comprehending the difference between others and quality supplements. At the end of the day Ant and Brian dropped knowledge bombs on the crowd, and have added many to the NutraBio family!