NutraBio Staff Member gains US Citizenship

OMG!!! I just had tears in my eyes. One of our team members from production, Nancy Collado came into my office at 5:30 and asked to speak with me. She pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. It was a certificate of US Citizenship. She just officially became a United States citizen. It’s hard to describe the pride I could see in her face. Tears in her eyes led to tears in mine. We hugged, it was just amazing, absolutely amazing. Can’t describe in words. So many of us take our country for granted, we’re born into it, easy for us to forget what being a US citizen means. She’s been with NutraBio for over 5 years. A wonderful woman, extremely dedicated to her work, paid her dues, paid her taxes, and here’s the most wonderful part... Her son is a drill sergeant in the U.S. MARINES. She was not even a citizen when he enlisted, yet her son is now serving “her” country and protecting her rights along with all of ours. She is what being an American is all about, we are lucky to have her. I thanked her for her son's service and congratulated her on earning one of the greatest privileges this earth has to offer.