NutraBio Takes the 2018 Olympia by storm!

2018 was an explosive year for NutraBio. Fresh off Olympia 2017's success, there was a lot of momentum in the industry to continue with spreading the world's most transparent and therapeutic supplements! We had just released, launched into 700+ Vitamin Shoppes across the nation, won's Breakout Brand of the Year, and flooded the Olympia with over 9,000 FREE bottles of PRE and Intra Blast. The industry KNEW who NutraBio was and that we were coming! Coming into the Olympia for 2018 we had a lot to announce, from our exclusive product called EAA Energy with to a new community initiative named BioCrew- but more to come on that later. We know the Olympia weekend would be filled with excited customers, new consumers looking for us, and people looking to learn! Friday started off with a bang. at 8am sharp the VIP pass members flooded the floors, eager for early access to samples and product!lines formed quickly, with people waiting just to get to hang with the Crew and learn some more! Customers grabbed samples, spun the prize wheel for anything from a funnel to free stacks, and grabbed a photos with our world-class athletes. Before we knew it, Friday was over and it was time to rest up for the next day. Saturday was even bigger than Friday! With the buzz of the new Men's Physique Mr. Olympia, the results of the Classic Physique, and the first round of judging over for the Mr Olympia there was an air of excitement in the house. NutraBio had constant lines at the booth, so long that Ant Lavigne and Sarah Hunsberger had to put on shows with samples and giveaways to keep them entertained!

As Saturday came to a close the lines did not stop. The day ended as NutraBio gave away the remaining stock. a crowd formed, filling the space between all of the vendors in the area. Pandemonium broke out!

Olympia 2018 was a huge success. I want to thank all of you who came by the booth to support us. It was great to hear your stories and find out first-hand your experiences with NutraBio supps. NutraBio has the most educated customers in the industry, and we pride ourselves on that. Our supplements are not designed for the masses; they are for those who live their life as we do “Without Compromise.” I need to congratulate and thank Team NutraBio as well, they are the heart and soul of our brand. No team in the industry is more passionate about changing peoples lives then they are. They are committed to the “Never Compromise” lifestyle and I couldn’t’ be prouder or more thankful for having them represent everything that NutraBio stands for. Until next Olympia, keep living Without Compromise!

-Mark Glazier

CEO and Founder

NutraBio Labs