NutraBio Visits GNC Headquarters and Pittsburgh Region Stores!

On January 17th Nutrabio landed in Pittsburgh, PA, home to GNC headquarters and one of the top regions in America with one goal: spread NutraBio's passion for full label disclosure, quality ingredients, and a no-nonsense approach to formulations. Benjamin Kane (NutraBio Key Accounts Manager) and Melanee Devorin (NutraBio Regional Representative for GNC) sat with Category Merchants and E-Commerce professionals. They met to bring new products to GNC's website and look at how our partnership will move forward in 2017, a year NutraBio believes will be historic for the supplement industry and the companies who choose to label honestly. Soon, 104 new products will be available on, as well as for DC Delivery. With a list of 30 stores, Benjamin and Melanee visited each location and preached what it means to live, train, and supplement Without Compromise. Before leaving, NutraBio's representatives met with Pittsburgh's RSD to discuss a 3 day training seminar for managers and associates, where sales teams would leave the training with a deep understanding of labels, ingredients, and how the industry is regulated. With a tiered system added, associates could elect to return for even more in-depth training on specific ingredients, banned substances and tricks companies use to conceal them, and how GMP facilities ensure that manufacturing is safe.