Why Was Nutrabio Voted Brand of the Year by Fitness Informant?

At Nutrabio, we have dedicated ourselves to educating the greater fitness community about nutrition, supplementation, and training sans the buzzwords, bro-science, and questionable ethics that we see pop up all too often. It’s not just because we are fitness elitists, although we do like to think we’re pretty awesome, but rather because we think providing accurate information and optimally dosed supplements are more powerful tools for building a smart, strong community than just saying we do. The results speak for themselves. The great thing about having nothing to hide is that people start noticing. It turns out the good people over at Fitness Informant share some of the same values. Their guiding principle is to “inject truth serum into the sports nutrition industry and provide honest supplement reviews.” And their mission is “to help you discover the good guys, the ones who care about you and me and the ones who want to make better products.” We are proud to be one of the good guys. Good guys always have to work harder, take harder hits, and take the harder road. But if you look at any great story, the good guys always end up winning. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a good guy too. This year, we would like to thank Fitness Informant for their dedication to honesty, for naming us brand of the year, as well as giving the Shield of Excellence award to our 100% Whey Protein Isolate and PRE EXTREME, naming them best protein powder and Pre-workout of the year, respectively. We have pioneered some great things as a brand and as people since 1996, and we’re proud to be recognized for some of them this year. Fitness Informant says it like this: “Nutrabio has done so much for the sports nutrition industry this year. Being fully transparent shows us that they actually care about us as a consumer. The from proprietary blends is shifting over to fully transparent because of companies like Nutrabio and what they’ve done for the industry in 2017. “ We appreciate the love, support, and everyone fighting the war against false fitness information alongside us. To celebrate this triumph for the good guys, get our award winning PRE EXTREME and 100% Whey Isolate at 15% off for the rest of the year! Use code TRUTH15 at checkout. Use code: TRUTH15 for 15% off! Expires 12/31/17