One Pill Proven to Double the Power of Your Supps

UpSorb is not only our most recently released product but one of the most innovative items we’ve brought to the sports nutrition market over our 23 year history in this industry. It’s for good reason that we consider it one of the most innovative and useful products we’ve created over the years as it stands alone in its category and has benefits that cover every reason as to why someone takes supplements in the first place; from improving their body composition and performance to their health and longevity.

We all know it isn’t what we eat or take that matters, it’s what we absorb that truly makes the difference in how we feel, look and perform. This is exactly why we created UpSorb as it addresses how well our bodies digest, absorb, and utilize the nutrients we feed it.

What is UpSorb you ask and what makes it so innovative?

UpSorb is a twice-a-day bioavailability and absorption enhancer designed to help you get more from your current nutrition and supplement regimens. UpSorb features a synergistic combo of Astragin and Bioperine at research-backed dosages to increase nutrient transporters, inhibit limiting metabolizing enzymes and agents and to help address troublesome gut inflammation which helps increase nutrient uptake and absorption. These three main benefits in turn allow UpSorb to help unlock the full potential of the rest of your supplements by facilitating greater nutrient utilization of key amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, botanicals and minerals.

UpSorb is the perfect add-on item to any supplement purchase or stack and will help your customers get the upmost effect from all the products they invest their hard earned money in. Whether you decide to combine UpSorb with one of our many skus or with other items in your store, this product will help boost your residual business and customer satisfaction as it’s proven to enhance the aminos, pre workouts, creatine, vitamins and minerals, fish oil, curcumin and many other supplements you sell on a daily basis.

Try UpSorb today to enhance nutrient uptake, support gut health, and unlock the true power of your nutrition and supplementation regimen!

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