Protein Spiking Publicly Exposed as the First Class Action Suit is Filed

By Mark Glazier, Founder and CEO. I’ve been speaking out against the protein spiking scam for years but no matter how loud I shout, it always seems to fall on deaf ears. It looks like that’s about to change. For those of you who have been skeptical of my ranting about protein brands cheating their customers by using deceitful protein spiking (also known as amino acid or nitrogen spiking), for those of you who couldn't imagine that any of the large supplement companies would ever do something so despicable, and for those of you who have been criticizing me for years every time I bring this deceit up, well, I have been vindicated!!!! A class action law suit was filed a few weeks ago against NBTY and their Body Fortress protein products. The lawsuit accuses NBYT of using deceitful amino acid spiking to exaggerate the protein levels claimed on the labels of two of the Body Fortress products. NBTY is one of the largest supplement manufacturers in the world with brands like Solgar, Vitamin World, MetRx, Puritan's Pride, Pure Protein, Nature's Bounty and on and on. If a $3 billion dollar company is accused of amino spiking, what do you think the little guys are getting away with? As Steve Urkel would say, "Did I Do That?" I doubt it, there are others who have been speaking out against this, but I hope my continuous ranting about this fraud has contributed in some small way. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many brands out there that are using Amino Spiking (also known as nitrogen or protein spiking) to lie on their labels and cheat consumers. I suspect there will be many more lawsuits in the future. Simply put, amino acid spiking is when a manufacturer takes some of the more expensive whey protein out of a product and replaces it with cheap amino acids. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the manufacturer adjusts the protein claim on the label to reflect the missing protein. The problem is many brands don’t adjust the protein value down, they pretend that a single amino acid is a protein and make a false protein claim on the label. This technique is criminal in my opinion, but unfortunately it commonplace in the supplement industry. There can be no grey area when it comes to label claims: a label is either legitimate or it’s I not. The consumer must be able to trust the label. It’s really that simple. It's time to stand up against deceitful labels and products and force supplement companies to tell the truth. It's time for full label disclosure on every supplement. It's time to get rid of proprietary blends on labels so that consumers know exactly what is in their supplements. - Mark Glazier, NutraBio Labs, CEO If you’re not familiar with protein spiking please read by previous blog: Also check out by blog on Proprietary blends: