Q&A with NutraBio CEO/Founder Mark Glazier

Deceit and Deception in the Supplement Industry

When it comes to manufacturing supplements, NutraBio CEO & Founder Mark Glazier has taken the path less traveled. Establishing NutraBio as a top quality brand, selling only the highest quality ingredients and using full label disclosure to back it all up. Selling a cheap product and scamming the customer would have been a quicker and easier way for Mark to make money. Instead, he started NutraBio with the goal of making the highest quality supplements and using 100% transparency to help educate consumers. Some people aren't too happy with Mark exposing the truth and scams of the supplement industry. Luckily, Mark doesn't care. He's willing to tell everyone the truth, knowing that ethics and morals are more important than lies and money. Last week, Mark welcomed James Klemick, owner of Coalition Nutrition (supplement store in NJ) into NutraBio HQ. James sat down with Mark to create this amazing Q & A video where Mark opens up about everything he's learned from being in the supplement business for over 20 years. Make sure to check out the rest of Mark's candid interviews and videos on the NutraBio YouTube channel. Also, stop by Coalition Nutrition for trusted supplement advice if you're in the NJ/PA area. Please share this with your friends and family so that they can learn more about the supplement industry.