Quality Is Everything!

My quality control team just REJECTED yet another ingredient. supplement spectogramThis spectrogram shows why it’s so vitally important to test every single batch of every single raw ingredient before it goes into production of a NutraBio supplement. This is an actual image from analysis of a raw ingredient done yesterday in our lab. It shows two spectrograms for thiamine HCl; one is a reference sample and the second is a newly received batch. Clearly they do not match so the new batch was rejected.
More than you probably can imagine goes on behind the scenes here at NutraBio to ensure every ingredient meets our strict specifications for quality. One of the many reasons we manufacture our own products is to control the chain of custody starting with selection of the raw ingredients, to manufacturing processes to the final product. If we do it ourselves than we know it’s done right!! Before we even consider ordering an ingredient, we first must qualify the ingredient manufacturer; a process used to validate the GMP standards of their manufacturing process. quality control supplementsEvery ingredient received into our manufacturing facility is immediately quarantined and put into a separate warehouse where it will remain until our QC lab analyses it for identity, purity, composition and potency. The first level of analysis is identity testing which tells us if the ingredient is what it’s supposed be. In this case it wasn’t, we ordered thiamine HCl and the vendor shipped us thiamine monohydrate. This ingredient never even made it to level 2 testing and was immediately rejected and shipped back the supplier. NutraBio uses FT-NIR Spectroscopy (fourier transfer near infrared) to initially analyze every raw ingredient for identification. We have invested over a million dollars into this technology which is only the first step in qualifying a batch of ingredient for use in production. If the batch passes identification it will move on to level 2 testing which would include more demanding quantitative analysis for purity, composition and potency. Quality_ControlNutraBio’s ingredient qualification program is rigorous and absolutely no ingredient is put into our products unless it passes stringent testing to meet our demanding specifications. At NutraBio, QUALITY IS EVERYTHING! The foundation of a quality supplement starts with its ingredients and the key to quality ingredients is simple: TEST, TEST, TEST and when you’re done TEST again. by, Mark Glazier, NutraBio CEO & Founder