Quality Starts At The Beginning

At NutraBio we don't compromise when it comes to the raw ingredients we use in our supplements. Quality control starts before ingredients ever enter our facility. First we must validate the manufacturer to insure their quality standards are up to par with ours. Next all inbound trucks are inspected prior to acceptance of delivery. All containers are inspected for tears, rips and holes, breaches or any possible way the container might have been contaminated on its way to us. Any sign that something is wrong and the shipment is rejected at our door. Next the raw material is quarantined; retained samples are taken of each lot and sent to our QC lab. These samples are sent out to independent FDA approved labs for 3rd-party analysis of purity and potency. In our internal lab, representative samples are taken from the individual container to undergo FTNIR (Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectrometers) fingerprint testing for identity. The lab tests for PH, particle size, organoleptic and other criteria to insure the raw ingredient meets our exact specification. Only when all criteria are met and the raw ingredient is proven to match our specification for purity, strength, potency, composition and identity will the lab release it for use in production. NutraBio is committed to giving you the absolute highest quality and purest nutritional supplements and that starts right at the front door with our selection of raw ingredients. We know you don’t compromise with your commitment to training and we won’t compromise with our commitment to you. NutraBio – Without Compromise Since 1996.