Revamp Your Workouts with These 4 Steps

Article by: NutraBio and Athlete Zane Hadzick

We all hit sticking points in our workouts. What's worse, sometimes we run into the issue of simply not wanting to go to the gym or workout at all! While periodic rests and planned breaks are good, you don't want to just stop exercising because you are sick of it. So here are four ways to revitalize your passion for working out!

1) Find a new gym

This may sound a little crazy, but a new training environment can do wonders for your workout. Being surrounded by new people and a new atmosphere can give you new energy. Personally, I find that I develop a new level of enthusiasm when I train at a new gym. So try switching up your gym - even if it is only for a few sessions - and you may rekindle the drive you once had!

2) Change your routine

Don't be that person who goes into the gym and does the same routine week after week. You will set yourself up for failure! Not only will your results plateau, but you'll also get plain bored! Think about it. We try to incorporate change and diversity into our everyday lives to keep them interesting. So why should the gym be different? If you have a hard time deviating from your current plan, then seek help. You can always work with a trainer if you don't know what to do. Trainers’ professional advice can make workouts fun while helping you achieve your goals!

3) Change the time

Do you work out at the same time every time? If so, that's OK, especially if that's the only time your schedule permits; however, if you can shift to another time, give it a try! Like changing your gym or the program you're on, this subtle move can have an impact. Even as little as an hour’s shift in time can make a difference. Do you doubt me? Well, give it a try - if you can - and see for yourself!

4) Exercise with a friend

I saved the best, and likely most effective, for last! Are you always training on your own? Maybe that works for you, but training with a partner can do wonders for your workout! It can bolster your performance, give you a sense of accountability, and provide you with invigorating energy! A friend or workout partner can be the missing ingredient in your current plan. So call, text, DM, PM, tweet, or email a friend and make plans to work out together - you won't regret it!

So there you have it: four tips on how to reintroduce passion – and, likely, results - into your workouts. These tips are simple yet effective and definitely worth a try. Go ahead, put them to the test, and let me know what you think!!!