Sauce Up your Manhood


The mere mention of the word is enough to ignite the alpha state, conjuring images of training montages, bicep flexes, and all the glorious masculine machinations of the 80s.

Sadly, those times seem like a by-gone era thanks to the current wave of propaganda being shoveled our way.

But all hope is not lost.

SAUCE is a hardcore testosterone amplifier certified to transform you into a damn sexual Tyrannosaurus.

Here’s the “secret” to our SAUCE:

Spilanthes Acmella

Spilanthes acmella has a long historical use in aphrodisiac properties. While this plant has been used for centuries, it’s relatively under-utilized in modern-day supplementation protocols.

Research indicates that spilanthes may support improvements in testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH). Moreover, some of these benefits of Spilanthes have been attributed to increased production of nitric oxide which promotes greater blood flow throughout the body.


KSM-66 is a supplement that has gained increasing popularity in recent years, especially amidst the ever-escalating amounts of stress that are thrust upon us these days.

As you may (or may not) know, stress increases levels of cortisol, a hormone that is both catabolic and can negatively impact T levels.

KSM-66 has been shown in humans to help[1,2,3,4,5]:

  • Support greater testosterone levels
  • Reduce feelings of stress
  • Enhance muscle size & strength
  • Boost endurance
  • Improve sleep


PrimaVie is a purified Shilajit supplement rich in several compounds, the most prominent of which is fulvic acid.

PrimaVie supports higher free & total testosterone levels as well as increased nitric oxide levels. Additional studies indicate that shilajit may also help individuals retain strength during particularly fatiguing exercise protocols.[6]


Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenun greacum) is another foundational plant of Ayurveda that has been used to enhance male virility as well as support healthy blood sugar levels.

The plant is rich in two types of compounds -- steroidal saponins and glycosides -- which have been shown in human studies to inhibit aromatase and promote increased free testosterone levels.Recent meta-analytic data also concludes that fenugreek extract has a “significant effect on total serum testosterone.”

SAUCE includes a robust 500mg dose of standardized fenugreek extract. This same dose has been studied in humans and noted to help support increases in free testosterone as well as reductions in body fat.


SAUCE includes the patented, standardized, and research-backed extract of Longjack -- LJ100, which is backed by 15 published human clinical trials and counting. LJ100 is recognized as a natural energizer for men and supports increases in muscle size and strength along with decreases in body fat.


Diindolylmethane (DIM) is well-known for its beneficial effects on estrogen metabolism. Research indicates that this derivative of I3C (a compound found in cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale) may inhibit the aromatase enzyme -- the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. This may ultimately help limit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, fostering higher T levels.

DIM is also believed to act upon stronger forms of estrogen, converting them into less formidable forms, which helps reduce the overall effects of estrogen in the body.


Boron is a trace mineral involved in numerous biological processes, including:

  • Hormone utilization
  • Wound healing
  • Bone health
  • Magnesium absorption

A deficiency in boron has been associated with lower testosterone levels in research.

The good news is that boron supplementation has been found to help remedy those deficiencies, thus supporting healthy testosterone levels.

In fact, research shows that supplementation with 10 mg of boron per day for seven days increased free testosterone by 28% and decreased estrogen levels by 39%.

Boron may also help reduce levels of SHBG (sex-hormone binding globulin), thereby encouraging greater free (“active”) testosterone.

Vitamin D3

The importance/notoriety of Vitamin D has skyrocketed over the past couple of years, in large part due to its role in immune support. However, that only begins to scratch the surface of what this essential fat-soluble vitamin/prohormone does.

Vitamin D also affects:

  • Hormone production (e.g., testosterone)
  • Bone metabolism
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight management

Despite the importance of Vitamin D, it remains one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies. Low vitamin D levels are not only associated with low testosterone levels but also an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and numerous other deleterious health outcomes.

Studies indicate that supplementation with Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) may support testosterone levels by reducing the expression of aromatase as well as the activity of SHBG).


Zinc is another critical micronutrient (much like vitamin D) that plays a pivotal role in testosterone production. Deficiencies in zinc are rather common, especially in hard-training athletes, and they have been associated with reduced levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and (unsurprisingly) low testosterone.

Zinc supplementation is known to improve zinc levels in the body, and, as a result, it may support a more favorable hormonal environment for muscle recovery and growth.


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