Shaun Clarida's Journey to Becoming Mr. Olympia: Eyes on the Prize

Shaun Clarida lives for bodybuilding. To say it is his passion just doesn't give it justice. Shaun does the hard stuff plain and simple. He doesn't do it for trophies or glory, shit he certainly doesn't do it for 3rd place. He does it to be the best in the world and that's a fact. Shaun is coming off his biggest and best offseason ever, and is ready to take the 212lb Olympia Crown. This year it's not a goal, it's a fact already written in stone, Shaun Clarida is coming to win!

Shaun Clarida in a NutraBio T-shirt looking downward.

Episode One

In this episode, Shaun expresses his true emotions when it comes to talking about his 3rd place finish at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. Shaun states, “Who trains for 3rd, shit, who even trains for 2nd? Of course, this is an honor being 3rd best in the world. But the truth is for an athlete like Shaun, he felt like he let his family, friends, fans and most importantly himself down.

Shaun Clarida working out in the gym liftin dumbells.

He didn't miss a beat in 2019's prep, not a training session, not a meal, not a cardio session, and it still wasn't enough. He is doing whatever it takes this time around, he's doing what his competition isn't. Shaun walked off the most prestigious bodybuilding stage in the world in 2019, the "Super Bowl of Bodybuilding", without a Sandow the 1st place trophy only given to Mr. Olympia champions. This is what is fueling Shaun to be that much better this year.

His time is coming… the 2020 Mr. Olympia is his!
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Shaun Clarida's time is HERE!